Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Before His Next Birthday

My baby boy turned two in April! (We won't mention that it was more than a month ago... poor Second Baby!)

Johnny's "camera smile" - I also love this pic because it actually makes my skinny boy look chubby!

I'm ridiculously proud of following through on the "race car cake" he had been asking for:

Johnny is a funny kid.  Second Kids are remarkable in the way they pick EVERYTHING up from First Kid. Johnny entertains us all with knock knock jokes and gross-out humor that he doesn't even remotely understand. Or maybe he does understand it because he's pretty creative with his descriptions of eating "stinky cheese" sandwiches and then changing it to "stinky diaper" sandwiches so that Lucy laughs so hard she can't breathe.  I guess it goes without saying that his verbal development is super advanced. Unfortunately even sass sounds funnier out of his mouth than the four-year-old's. Still, anything for a laugh with this kid. 

He's doing marginally better with sleeping in the Big Kid Bed. Oh, did I tell you that the kids sleep in bunk beds now? Yes, well, they do. And Johnny is not a great sleeper. It takes him forever to get to sleep and then he sleeps lightly (waking on average at least once in the night) and wakes up by 5:15 every day. The only thing he's got going for him is that he takes an awesome nap in the afternoon from 1-3:30ish. I've been wondering if Lucy's tossing and turning in the bunk above him wakes him in the night/early morning and he just can't get back to sleep... It's not awesome, but we're making it work for now.

We had to go to the doctor a few days before his well-child check-up for hand foot and mouth disease. He didn't have any blisters on his hands and feet, but his throat was completely raw, the poor kid. There were about three days there I'm not actually sure he ate anything. I'm not sure we actually slept those three days either, now that I think of it. Anyway, as of April 18, Johnny was 36 inches long and 25 pounds. I always think of him as shrimpy even though his length is 85th percentile and his weight is 25-50th because at the same age Lucy was 2.5 inches taller and three pounds heavier! Having a two-year old in 2T clothing is novel!

Lulu and Johnny are super sweet playing together lately. Lu reads him endless books and Johnny is willing to cater to her very demanding imaginary play rules. My heart just melts every time they play "Rocket Ship" together or Lucy forces him to "marry" her over and over (walk slowly toward each other, hug, then dance). They are always cracking each other up. When Johnny gets upset with me for enforcing some rule, it's Lucy he runs to for comfort.

I think my favorite part of two and four and a half is that these sweet children are turning into such good buddies.


Carrie said...

Look at his hair! Cute haircut!

mona said...

how cute is he?! That smile is so darling.

Elsha said...

First of all, how can he be 2 already?! Secondly, I love the older sister/younger brother interactions. So sweet!

Jessica said...

I love my two kids together so, so much. Although Paul is a bit less tolerant of Margaret dictating everything.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your little big boy! I fell off the planet for a while there and didn't see that you are well on your way to #3. Congratulations! I also love watching the friendship between my boys. They were running around giving hugs and declaring themselves best friends the other day and it put a big goofy grin on my face for an hour. Totally makes up for the 75% of the time when they are fighting with each other.