Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Before His Next Birthday

My baby boy turned two in April! (We won't mention that it was more than a month ago... poor Second Baby!)

Johnny's "camera smile" - I also love this pic because it actually makes my skinny boy look chubby!

I'm ridiculously proud of following through on the "race car cake" he had been asking for:

Johnny is a funny kid.  Second Kids are remarkable in the way they pick EVERYTHING up from First Kid. Johnny entertains us all with knock knock jokes and gross-out humor that he doesn't even remotely understand. Or maybe he does understand it because he's pretty creative with his descriptions of eating "stinky cheese" sandwiches and then changing it to "stinky diaper" sandwiches so that Lucy laughs so hard she can't breathe.  I guess it goes without saying that his verbal development is super advanced. Unfortunately even sass sounds funnier out of his mouth than the four-year-old's. Still, anything for a laugh with this kid. 

He's doing marginally better with sleeping in the Big Kid Bed. Oh, did I tell you that the kids sleep in bunk beds now? Yes, well, they do. And Johnny is not a great sleeper. It takes him forever to get to sleep and then he sleeps lightly (waking on average at least once in the night) and wakes up by 5:15 every day. The only thing he's got going for him is that he takes an awesome nap in the afternoon from 1-3:30ish. I've been wondering if Lucy's tossing and turning in the bunk above him wakes him in the night/early morning and he just can't get back to sleep... It's not awesome, but we're making it work for now.

We had to go to the doctor a few days before his well-child check-up for hand foot and mouth disease. He didn't have any blisters on his hands and feet, but his throat was completely raw, the poor kid. There were about three days there I'm not actually sure he ate anything. I'm not sure we actually slept those three days either, now that I think of it. Anyway, as of April 18, Johnny was 36 inches long and 25 pounds. I always think of him as shrimpy even though his length is 85th percentile and his weight is 25-50th because at the same age Lucy was 2.5 inches taller and three pounds heavier! Having a two-year old in 2T clothing is novel!

Lulu and Johnny are super sweet playing together lately. Lu reads him endless books and Johnny is willing to cater to her very demanding imaginary play rules. My heart just melts every time they play "Rocket Ship" together or Lucy forces him to "marry" her over and over (walk slowly toward each other, hug, then dance). They are always cracking each other up. When Johnny gets upset with me for enforcing some rule, it's Lucy he runs to for comfort.

I think my favorite part of two and four and a half is that these sweet children are turning into such good buddies.

Monday, April 1, 2013

And It's a ...


Lucy and Johnny get a baby brother. I can even tell from the sketchy ultrasound pics that he has the exact same profile as his siblings.  His chin is a little more Lucy than Johnny; I'm pretty sure we've got another little Bubba clone here. Ah well, there's always a chance baby #4 will look like me, right?  HAAAAAAAAA!  He's measuring a week and a half big, as our babies do, and he was so squirrelly it was hard to get non-blurry pics. That is, until he fell fast asleep in a weird position that made it hard for the tech to get the last couple of pics she needed. So. Totally unhelpful.

Friday morning I was dropping Johnny off at my friend's house, and as soon as Lucy saw the kids, she wanted to stay, so I went all by my onsies to the u/s appointment. The Bubba had gone to work early with plans to meet me at the imaging office. I was called back to the ultrasound room and the tech started, and that's when I started texting my Bubba. "The ball is rolling" "Where are you?" "Is everything ok?" over the next 20 minutes. Then I called his office. Then I tried his cell again. He didn't answer any of the texts or calls.  I mean, obviously he had gotten hit by a bus on his way to the appointment, right? So I started planning my attack: call the main office assistant, check with his minions, call the hospitals, police, etc.  All the while the tech is just checking things out and I'm trying to hold up my end of polite chitchat.  Then she swipes on a different part of my belly and then moves it away and says, "Oh, do you want to know the gender?" And I'm like "Too late for that question, I just saw that penis."  The Bubba finally called and texted telling me that he totally spaced and forgot the appointment and had shut himself up in a conference room to get some stuff done without the phone ringing nonstop. (He felt AWFUL about it. I didn't care so much since I was just happy he was not dead in a ditch.) WHEW. So then I was able to enjoy seeing this baby a little bit. Oh, look at that! He's perfect! He's sucking his thumb! He's flexing his toes!

The tech was kinda weird about getting pictures of this kid's right hand. She actually made me get up and use the bathroom and do a jig to get him to move. I was a little weirded out. I joked with her about it, "What does this kid have six fingers on that hand or something? Webbed fingers?" and she just said "No, this is just one of the things we look at." But this is my third 20week ultrasound in five years and no one has freaked out about hand pictures yet. Seriously, the ultrasound took about an hour and a half. Finally he opened his right hand.

I learned today that she was watching for it to open and close to rule out trisomy 18. So I guess I forgive her for being a weirdo about it.

I didn't tell Bubba the baby's gender right away when he came home - I made him sweat a little. Do you have any idea how HARD it is to use the pronoun "it" when you already know that it's a "he?" Really hard. Plus I'm a truly terrible secret keeper/liar. But I concentrated and it was entire HOURS before I told the Bubba and Lucy about Baby Brother.

Poor Lucy was pretty disappointed. She tried really hard to hold it together, but her chin trembled, her eyes filled and all we got was a shaky "But I ... wanted ... a SISTER!" So we've been talking about all the fun things about brothers (according to her the list isn't long) and about how it'll be fun being the special only girl and big sister. We're working on it.

To be honest, we were all pretty convinced that this baby was a girl. It's really strange to switch the mindset. Also, boy's names are HARD.  We had a couple of really slam dunk girls' names, but boys'? There's much too fine a line between the few old-fashioned-awesome names (Johnny, Ignatius) and the too many old-fashioned-awful names (Gary, Earl). I wouldn't mind naming this baby after the Bubba, but he's less into this idea. Sigh.

Let the Perfect Boy Name Search begin! (any suggestions?)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Halfway There

My presence on this blog is abysmal.  (Not that you're complaining. You're probably happy to have a break from my brain dumps.)  This is mostly due to pregnancy number three.

I've been knocked (up?) out. First of all, this pregnancy was ... not unplanned but maybe a surprise anyway?  I had two miscarriages last summer. One before our vacation to San Diego and one right after my bloggy trip to New Orleans. Huge bummers. After that, I had a conference of sorts with my Bubba that went something like "Never touch me again, we are never having any other children and that's fine and we're done and stay away from me and I'm concentrating on this half marathon I'm running in January and THE END, got it?" Famous last words, right? Bam. Pregnant.

I couldn't believe I was pregnant.  I didn't let myself get attached to it. I assumed it would be just like before.  I still kept training for the half I signed up for. I was doing good too, time-wise, getting some of the extra couple pounds off-wise. Then I had some scary bleeding and low hormones and a bunch of tests and an early scan and yadda yadda yadda, was totally convinced I was going to lose this pregnancy as well.  But! Baby 3 stuck around! Stubborn little thing it is.  I don't think I was able to believe I was pregant until my 10ish week checkup and heard a strong heartbeat and a scan didn't show any scary reason for the bleeding. Hey! I'm pregnant! Sob!

I got through morning sickness (which hit every evening about 4pm and lasted until I went to sleep) somehow. The kids ate a lot of eggs and toast for dinner if I recall.  Maybe chicken nuggets? Peanut butter? I've already pretty much blocked all of that out. It was a dark time.  And then as soon as the morning sickness subsided I started getting headaches. Headaches that turned me into a raging beast in the afternoons, quietly and not so quietly resenting my children for making noise. Also awesome. (I gave up yelling at my kids for Lent. Does that tell you anything??) I found that exercise seems to help with the headaches. It's a pretty good excuse to go to the gym every day and get some child-free book-listening pseudo-working out time. I do still get headaches occasionally, so I'm still considering seeing an acupuncturist like Susie and Shalini advise me to do. For some reason I just haven't done it. I also will never use a neti pot and am generally scared of seeing the doctor and dentist for fear of bad news. So.

At my 14 week check-up, my midwife was all "Well, I'm not TOO concerned that you've only gained two pounds."  I'm all "Lady? I deserve a freaking MEDAL." I am not a waif. I am ... sturdy. Not fat. Not skinny. I'm a good eater. I like food. I gained 50+ pounds with Lucy. I gained 60 with Johnny. But it's just not as easy to binge on the ice cream this time around. I mean, I'd have to share it with a Little. And we know that's not going to happen.  I am almost 20 weeks now and I have gained 7 pounds. I mean, I win, right? I'm right on track to gain 25-30 pounds! Anyway, I'm beating whatever Kardashian is currently knocked up and that's all that really matters.

We have our big ultrasound tomorrow morning. We're rooting for a healthy baby with good organs and limbs and whatnot. I talked about it with Lucy and she's actually super excited about coming with. She said she'd let me know if the baby has finger and toes and arms and legs in the right spots. What a trip, man. Bringing your baby to see your baby's ultrasound? I mean, Lucy was just in this baby's place yesterday, wasn't she? Also she named the baby Daffodil and is beyond convinced that it's a girl.  I hope she's not too disappointed if it's not. She wants a baby sister SO BAD.

How crazy to think that this is real. We're actually having another baby. THREE OF THEM. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE THREE BABIES. Holy cats.