Friday, March 30, 2012

Evidently I can only be relied upon to write here once or twice a month

My goodness, since Second Baby was born, blogging has taken a serious back seat. Now the sole reason I'm keeping it up is to document John's development at least the tiniest bit so that when he asks "What was MY first word, mom?" I won't (at least I won't HAVE to) say, "Uhhhh, dunno."

Aside: he now says milk, apple and hat. He just added those in the last week.

But that's not the real news. The real news is this (high pitched obnoxious mommy voice for your listening pleasure):


He's getting stronger and more confident - at the birthday party we went to this afternoon, he was taking 8-9 steps at a time across the room. It's amazing how quickly it happens once they make the mental leap, isn't it??

So now, let me just list all of the things that have been going on that I haven't filled you in on yet:

  • The Bubba was traveling this week, so I booked myself silly for things to do, and honestly, I'm really glad that it's the weekend tomorrow and there's nothing on my calendar but a couple of runs and church and an hour long meeting. I might even get some cleaning done this weekend!

  • I'm going to start watching a friend's baby Tuesday through Thursday starting in a couple of weeks. Of course that first week happens to be spring break for Lucy and the very first day, I have John's 12 month well baby visit scheduled. Says my Bubba "Why don't you just reschedule the appointment?" I mean, it's like he's never tried to get a doctor's appointment and would therefore have no idea how hard it is to get in to see our ped who only works two days a week.. (Oh, right. He hasn't.) Anyway, back to watching Friend's Baby who will be six months old in a couple weeks, I'm thinking of all the things I'm never going to have time to get done ever again with three babies around here. Like clean my house. Or leave said filthy house. 
  • Oh, did I tell you that our landlords want to move back into (our) house in September? So we're actively looking for a new rental house that we can a) afford and b) not too far from "town" and c) that has three bedrooms. Emphasis on a) and c), I suppose. I'm sure there's a perfect house out there for us, but I really do not like the legwork it'll take to find it. Also, I HATE MOVING. I really wanted to be here in this rental for another 2ish years. So this means that we'll find someplace else in a not-so-cool neighborhood for much more expensive (we're getting an insanely great deal here) and it will push homeownership back another couple years. Which isn't the worst thing ever, but, WAH! MOVING!
  • My Bubba bonked into a piece of furniture with his phone in his pocket and broke the screen of his (non-smart)(stupid?) phone and came home with a iPhone. I accused him of taking a hammer to it just to get a new toy. I might not be wrong. He's all curled up caressing it right now, his preeeshusssssss. I must pause to ask him if he's named her yet.
  • Since John's sleeping better, I started running again and am strongly considering the Rock and Roll Half in June again. Except that registration fees have gone up so that instead of the $85 I would have spent if I had had my act together a couple of months ago, it would cost $130. I go back and forth about it. Like: if that's what it takes to focus me and get me going with that goal in mind, it's worth it, right? But: $130 for one day and I'm not even doing anything really FUN? I mean, I'd rather spend that on a hotel room for a night or a massage or a nice dinner out or a new outfit or ... Hm. Maybe I'll find a half that's not so expensive and spend the rest on a massage. Thanks, guys. Good talk.
  • Speaking of good talks, Lu and I had a great conversation in the car today.  We were going past the huge statue of Lenin in Fremont and Lucy said, "WHO is THAT?" So I said "It's Lenin." "Who's Lenin?" "He was a political leader." "What KIND of political leader?" "A communist." "Are you going to susPLAIN that to me??" "Well, in theory, socialists want everyone to be equal and to have the same amount of everything, so they distribute stuff among all the citizens and provide services to everyone the same so that everyone owns everything." Pause "We have playdough at pre-school. All different colors."
  • It's two weeks until my BABY's first birthday. I can't even believe it. Lucy wants to have a big party, but when we get down to talking about it, it's unclear that she knows the party would not be for HER. I mean, I get it. She SHOULD have a party just like we all should to celebrate YAY! We survived year one with a baby! I'm looking forward to making my boy a cake and watching that sweet baby dig in.
  • We're done with nursing now. Totally weaned since Tuesday-ish. He's only "spit up" a couple times in the last thee or so weeks. Which is an amazing difference. I'm convinced it was something in my breast milk, but at 10/11 months I certainly wasn't committed enough to do some elimination diet or anything so intensive. Truth be told, if I wasn't so lazy, I would have weaned him months ago. That said, I went through some very interesting hormonal changes, and let me just say that my Bubba is a saint among saintly men.  Maybe he deserves that iPhone... I mean, I was crying at least daily about all the things that I'm never going to be able to do because I suck at everything. Yeah, THAT'S some rationality right there. Aren't you glad you don't live with me?
  • I am going to go lay in bed with a book (it's 9pm) and pretend I'm on vacation. This day, heck this week, has totally kicked my booty. The Bubba is home, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning (Says Lucy: "When it's Stay At Home Day [Saturday] tomorrow I'll just come into your room and wake up Daddy and he'll play with me." Fine by me, kid!) and all is right Chez Nous. I should see if I can get that new toy out of the Bubba's hands and somehow get them to rub my aching back...

Monday, March 12, 2012


Happy eleven months, my little friend!

And here we are another month gone!

John is the FUNNEST kid. He is just a clown and loves making us laugh.

I feel like he really grew up in the last two weeks. February 25th or 26th, he got sick with RSV. I took him to the doctor because it looked like he was having an asthma attack or something - he was using every muscle in his body to be able to breathe wheezy breaths. I was totally panicky. His O2 levels were fine, though, so we never had to go to the hospital with him (for which I am SO. VERY. GRATEFUL.), but we still had to ride out the virus, which was super painful for everyone. My boy is a cuddle monkey and as a limp-noodle sick baby, all he wanted to do was rock in the chair with me all day long. All. Day. Long. Which in itself wouldn't be so bad, but I have another child around here somewhere who also needs looking after.  It was challenging.

Wait... this isn't Toad. Whaaa?

But! We're on the other side of it now, and those two weeks that he was being rocked and watched, some language developments burst through.  Let's see... he has 10 words I think. Hi (haaaaaaaa! with the hand wave), More (Mo!), and Dada were new last month, this month he added Thanks (Tith), Shhhh (with finger to lips), Uh oh, Lala (=Lulu - Lucy), Mama, Up (Uh!), No (nuh).  (I'm being pretty liberal with my definition of "word," for example I include "Shhhh" and "Uh oh!" And really you have to be a Certified Translator to understand the "thanks.")  He signs too - more, please, up, airplane, no-no, all done, help.

About a week after he turned 10 months, he got up on his hands and knees to crawl and has never looked back!  I didn't think I was ever going to have a standard crawler, but here he is, wiggly diaper tush and all.  He's learned that if he wants something he has to get it quickly or his sister's going to beat him to it. - he's gotten really fast on his hands and knees.  He's still cruising, this has become a more popular method of locomotion.  He will walk with the doll stroller or holding one of our hands, but he's so much faster on all fours, he'll often just be done and drop down and speed away. He's taken some steps on his own - still sort of faith-diving into awaiting arms - but he doesn't seem too interested in making it official just yet.

Lucy likes to help him walk.
Johnny never stops moving. Ever. Even in his sleep, we hear him crawling across his crib and bonking his head on the other side. My Bubba has started calling him a honey badger Shake Weight mostly because of that one really hard night when we started night weaning (FINALLY. Kid was so skinny he was spoiled with nursing any time of day or night he wanted it). John was reeeeeaaallly mad and just not having his dad trying to get him back to sleep.

In fact, most of the pictures I take of him look like this:

Really the best part of this kid is his sense of humor, though. He knows somehow what's funny and will often start a fake laugh just to get us to join in.  He loves playing peek-a-boo and patty cake and soooo big. He loves throwing things to see if they bounce. He's a master of the putting-things-in-and-taking-them-out game and also quite good at the give-it-to-you-now-take-it-back game.

This kid is pretty cool. I think we'll keep him around for a while.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Photos

Lucy's get well card to a friend of mine who broke her foot. 
(It says "Be good.")

Lu is a workbook-doing maniac these days. 
She'll even sound out the instructions and do the pages on her own. 
She's getting so independent!

Speaking of which: READING! BOOKS! ON HER OWN! Staggering.

Finally feeling better after a 10 day struggle with RSV. (WHEW!) 
Out to taste some rocks and dirt.

My big girl blowing dandelion puffs.