Thursday, September 13, 2012

The First Day

Lucy started pre-k this week.  

We missed the first week because we were vacationing in San Diego, but I thought the vacation post can wait. You need to see pictures of my great big four-year-old thrilled to be going off to her last year before kindergarten.

This outfit that she's wearing?  She picked it out herself.  At the store.  And the dress and pants were in two different sections.  How could I possibly not buy it? It was the very first time she's ever shown an interest in what she was wearing other than "It's not comfortable!"  Going shopping with her was actually a little bit fun that time.

She's going to school two days a week at the same neighborhood Christian preschool that she attended last year.  It's so dang convenient, only six blocks away from our house, and there are only a handful of other kids in her class.  I didn't connect with her teachers like I did with last year's, but I figure it's not the first time I won't want to invite my kids' teachers home with me.  However, I think Lucy feels at least a little bit the same way because she was looking at some pictures from last year and she said with a sigh, "I really liked being in Ms. Heidi's room."  But this year she gets to do some cooking and some Science Projects, and there's a Math Station and a Reading Station.  Kind of a big deal for a nerd born from nerds, you know?

I'm torn because two days a weeks seems like plenty to me to have to drop off and pick up and stay close to home for 3 hours, and yet, I think Lucy is so mature in so many ways I think she'd benefit from being at school three days a week. I feel like school LIMITS us. The timeframe, I mean.  We live in such a weirdly placed part of Seattle that getting anywhere takes a longish time and I can't do much between dropoff and pickup except maybe go to the grocery store. Or the library.  Neither of which are particularly fun with a 17 month old hell bent on destruction.  So I go home from drop off and get a couple things done.  John wanders mournfully around saying, "Lulu go. Cool.  Dadeee go. Wuurk."  Like, "Man, I wish there were somebody fun to hang out with right now."  Can I do that three days a week?  I don't know. Another thing that plays into in is the baby that I take care of. I have him Wednesday and Thursday now, so that means I have to have my act together and get errands done on Mon/Tues if it happens at all. Would it happen if preschool was those days?  Ah well, I guess it's not worth the fretting.  I'd be better to just see how things go in the next month or so. 

Lucy is thrilled to be in the big pre-k rooms, her besties are in her class with her, and all is right with her little world.

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