Monday, August 20, 2012

And Just Like That... baby turned four years old.

We've been hearing a lot of "Four year olds are really good at _______ (cartwheels, running so fast, jumping over laundry piles, etc)" and then Lucy will show us how spectacular her four year old self is at that particular skill.  On her birthday she requested strawberry cake and strawberry frosting.  I let her take a fingerful of frosting to taste and nodded her head and half closed her eyes and said "Oh, yeah. Four year olds like strawberries."

Her actual birthday was kind of boring; we had cake and she got a couple of little things to open from Mom and Dad (her big present was her new bike with training wheels that we gave her in June).  But, I did try to fill our week with stuff.  We got to go sit in a fire engine and talk to some fire fighters on Wednesday.

On Friday, Lucy had an awesome pizza party at a nearby park complete with good friends and chef hats and mustaches. Lucy had a blast.

At the last minute, my mom decided to come from Wisconsin for Lu's birthday party, so we've been doing some intensive hanging out for the last two weeks.  Lucy and Johnny have been in Grandma heaven.

 There may be some major spoilage going on around here too.  My Llama is the queen of things like getting faces painted at the zoo and picking up "just a little something" at the toy store like once a day.  My kids are going to need a month of spankings to recover.

At her 4 year well child visit, Lucy's trajectory is still a centimeter above the growth charts.  She's 44 inches tall and 40 pounds.  The girl got all of the Bubba's tall skinny genes.  She's fitting fine lengthwise into size 5 and even 5/6 things, but you could fit three of her inside them.  Leggings and t-shirts is where it's at.  She also negotiated getting her vaccinations next year when she's bigger "and ready for  kindergarten school." I mean, seriously. If, as a four year old, you can talk your way out of getting shots with the doctor by giving actual relevant information? Genius.

I made Lucy promise that she'd still be my baby before I would allow her to turn four, but I love the big girl she is. She's reading more and writing more and making up really cool imaginary scenarios. She's funny and makes observations that surprise me. She's also talking back more creatively and using her negotiation skills (see above) when it comes to me telling her to do anything, but we won't dwell on that right now.

Four is so big. And so fun.