Friday, July 6, 2012

The Week that Summer Actually Started

Man, this has been an awesome week. And I'm not even being facetious. In fact I might even mean that literally. Oh, what? You want a litany of the awesomeness with pictures? Well, I aim to please...

The awesomeness started last Friday when my Bubba took me to an anniversary dinner at this little Italian restaurant where we ordered a bottle of wine and an accordion player stopped by our table every so often.  With each glass of wine it got easier to pretend we were back in Europe. We talked briefly about the possibility of going to work abroad again with our little family. Slim (don't freak out moms of us!). But it was fun to dream.
At night, with the flash, after a bottle of wine 

Then Saturday was a fun cookout where we got to meet a new member of our friend group - little Sydney was born at the end of May and it was so nice to cuddle a squishy new baby!

On Sunday I got to meet Lisa and her sweet family!  Who is just as wonderful in person as you might expect. Of course I didn't take any photos of us - you'll have to go see her site to see how lovely we are together. I did, however get a thousand blurry pics of the kids. They didn't stop moving long enough for me to capture the moment. All of my photos look something like this:

Basically, they had an awesome time burning some energy together, and Lisa and I didn't stop chatting for an hour or so.  Win/win.

Monday was our actual seven year anniversary and the Bubba surprised be by coming home early! (By now you should know with all of my complainy woe-is-me-my-husband-is-always-working posts that this happens VERRRRY rarely.) And he was home just in time to go with me to the Mac store to get him a new phone because somehow in the three hours that I borrowed his phone on Sunday I managed to shatter the screen. So, happy anniversary! Here's $200 for your broken phone!  It's ok. He still loves me.  And he gave me copper earrings to boot.  He got a new phone and a fancy wool suit.

The Bubba took the day OFF on Tuesday (again, so! rare!) (but ended up going in to work for 4 hours anyway.) He went to the zoo with us! And it was fun!

There are new piglets

Wednesday Bubba worked a little again, but then we rode bikes to the park, had a picnic lunch, took naps, played outside,
did yard work, picked a hundred thousand golden berries from our bushes, picked five cups of sour cherries from our tree,
got out the sprinkler and squirt guns, fired up the grill, ate four thousand calories in hotdogs and hamburgers and taco dip and chips and salad.

We were so effective at wearing the kids out that Lucy couldn't even make it to watch the fireworks on TV that started at EIGHT O'CLOCK.  I'll call that another win.

Thursday I had to take Lucy to get an entire new wardrobe and shoes because the kid grows like whoa. T-shirts from last year are now belly shirts. Swimsuits are, um, shall we say uncomfortable in the rear. Shorts are so short it's embarrassing. Lucy is 43.75 inches tall and 40 pounds. I am at a loss trying to find a swimsuit that fits her length that isn't huge around. Oh the TRIALS I must FACE.

Today the kids and I are headed to a fancy private beach with friends for playing and picnicking and general sunning and funning.

Man, I love summer so huge.