Monday, June 4, 2012

Regression, etc.

So of course I'm breaking my months-long silence to complain here about sleep.  Oh man, I don't remember the 13 month sleep regression with Lucy. Maybe I blocked it out. But it's sooooooo baaaaaaaad! The boy will get up at about 1am and then just BE UP until 4ish. Toddler insomnia. Crabby toddler insomnia. Do. Not. Like. I mean, I've got stuff to DO during the day. Like entertain a three-year-old.

In other Johnny news, he's eating like never before and I've had to go through and replace all of the clothes that I just replaced 4 weeks ago because they no longer fit. Even the shoes. I swear if we didn't have such generous friends who have given us clothes for his little body, we'd go broke trying to keep clothed and shod.  I had to rummage through our boxes of hand-me-downs this evening for 18-24 month stuff because I was forcing the poor kid's too-long legs into 12 month jammies and the Bubba finally told me I had to stop that.

And thank goodness for baby consignment shops. Today I found little FootKinetic sandals that squeak with each step. I can see it getting obnoxious, but the $6 was so totally worth it just to see Johnny walking around and around in circles equal parts trying to figure out where the squeaking was coming from and not wanting to stop walking and therefore stop the squeaking. Comedic gold. Lucy and I of course just sat here and laughed at him.

Lucy finished preschool last week. So of course she's asking me when her next preschool day is. How to explain summer break to a three-year-old? Not easy. I've been trying to come up with some sort of schedule for her - the girl so needs structure! - so I've got the Children's museum, zoo, parks, etc. to fill in the days.  Today we got to meet Sid the Science Kid at the children's museum.  Lucy was excited yet embarrassed, but then totally gave Sid a high five and took a picture with him. I was super proud!

I did sign her up for swim lessons and gymnastics to help break up some of the monotony of summer all-mom-all-the-time time. And hopefully we'll be spending lots of time at the beach digging this summer. And camping! I want to get camping! I've got high hopes.

Now we just have to wait for the sun to shine. C'mon Seattle! Let's do this.

And now a gratuitous family pic for you from Mother's Day:


Lisa said...

Great family pic! Don't forget that you'll get to hang with some super cool people visiting Seattle on the first of July. That's something fun to do in the Summer!! Also, enjoy this relatively plan-free summer while you can. It won't last. Trust me. Summer is always busier than we think it is.

Jessica said...

What!?? Thirteen month sleep regression? Nooooooo. Paul is finally sleeping so well (in our bed, but whatever). I refuse to accept this as a thing. La la la, not gonna happen.

Also, I gave up on buying new-size clothes every month and started buying him 24 month clothes when he was 7 months. They fit well enough then (he was probably 18 mo size) and are still going strong!