Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Schmendsday

Today's picture day at Lucy's school. I'm still floored that I have a kid old enough to go to preschool and have picture day. I mean, I remember picture day in preschool when I was four. Or was it kindergarten? I remember the green dress that my mom made for me with puffy sleeves and rickrack. I remember it was a little itchy around the arm holes. I remember her putting ribbons on my braids and waiting in line behind the red-headed kid - what was his name? Craig I think? The point is: my daughter is doing this, experiencing these things. She might even remember it or what was said or how she felt. And yet so often I still see her as a little baby. I guess that will never change.

Lucy picked out her own outfit, and it matched and looked cute and we went with it.  John couldn't let her show him up, so he picked out a collared shirt. Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a pic with both kids look so spiffy. I mean, it's not often we get out of jammies around here...

I might be biased, but how stinking cute are these babies??  

Oh, you guys. My kids are so sweet right now. Just so, so sweet. I'm so relieved that I don't have to quit this gig and run off to join the circus.  I mean, next to the last three weeks it's night and day different. Lucy is polite and amenable and listens and obeys and asks interesting questions and jokes around and is just a joy to be around. Believe me I'm not taking it for granted at all - a couple of weeks ago I was about to sell Lucy to the highest bidder.

And John! I started feeding him bottles during the day. I'm pretty sure he's eating 10 ounces over and above the straight breastfeeding.  That is, I'll nurse him, he'll play a little bit, I'll get something done (maybe) and then I'll offer him a bottle. I thought he was happy beFORE. Now he's downright awesome. And? He's been sleeping through the night (SHHHHH. DON'T JINX IT. I DIDN'T JUST WRITE THAT FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE TO SEE).  (I've had two entire nights of 8 UNINTERRUPTED nights of sleep. Do you know what that means?!?! I have not had that since 2010, no joke. I feel like a new woman! I had the patience to make crafts with Lucy yesterday! My life is rosy!)

So I think the Super Story Answer is: sleep! (do you guys watch SuperWhy?)

But when isn't it, right?? Sleep, I mean? The answer? Ugh, never mind. My point was lost.

In other news, I signed up for a Bible study class at a community Christian church that my friend goes to. I have never done such a thing. I'm a good little Privatized Catholic. But I really feel called to it right now, and it sounds interesting and there's free child care. Put it all together and ... Bam! There I am.  I'm just really thankful that my friend was excited and got me interested enough to sign up. I will let you know how it goes. (I know. You're already on tenterhooks. Tomorrow you'll be going about your day going, "Hm, I wonder how Lizzie got on in that Bible study of hers..." and don't you worry. I'll report back.)

I also decided to do fatmumslim's February photo-a-day challenge. Just for something interesting to break up February. So here's your first installment: The subject for the day is My view today.
I had a hard time deciding between laundry
Never ending piles!

And a gorgeous view of the Sound from my run this morning.

The laundry piles won - they're really more indicative of my glamorous life.


Carrie said...

hurray for sleep and for a happy boy! I love the picture- they are so ridiculously adorable!

Elsha said...

They are so cute together in that picture! And woohoo for sleep! It works wonders.