Sunday, February 12, 2012


This boy is ten months.

Does his hair look red?

Every time I sit down to write a month-post it seriously seems like last week that I wrote the last one. I know I say something like that every time. But seriously.

Let's see. What's going on with him now, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

- He's got a bad cold that keeps him (me) (us all) up all night lately. It's always something with the sleep, isn't it?

- He's a master cruiser and has started "diving" from one piece of furniture to another adjacent one. Sometimes he's successful in getting a handhold before losing his balance.

- He's a total and utter Mama's boy. All Mama all the time thankyouverymuch. Part of me loooves it because he's my baaaybbeeeeeey, part of me hates it because I constantly have this 16 pound person attached to myself.

- He seems to be gaining weight, but I might just be telling myself that so that I can sleep easy. I'll make a weight check for him later this month to be sure. I have more to say about this, but maybe I'll save it for another post. Long story short: we might be weaning.

- He has about three words none of which are Mama. Which doesn't really seem fair for all the Mama's boyness I have to deal with. The least he could do is coo my name.  But he does say "Mo!" for more food, "Hi" is "Haaaaa" with a full-body wave, and "Dada." Of course with the Dada.

- He still only has two teeth with no new ones in sight, but that certainly doesn't stop him from chomping down everything in sight. He's a little gourmet, too. If I put Cheerios on his tray he will disdainfully push them onto the floor and whine until he gets whatever Lucy's eating. Snob.

- He's got some stellar dance moves. He pairs the deep-knee bend with the one hand in the air and add a little off-balance butt wiggle in there, and you've got a recipe for awesome. He and Lucy often have dance parties in their bedroom. It's every bit as cute as you might imagine.

- He can stand on his own for a few seconds at a time. But he still doesn't crawl on hands and knees. I don't think I was meant to have a baby that crawls conventionally. When this 10 month old uses his lightning fast speed-scooting to get to the bathroom before someone realizes the door's open he seriously looks like a speed skater with the grab/pull against the floor first one way and then the other.

- He is lost when his sister goes in a different room or closes the door to their bedroom to keep him out. He just doesn't even know what to do with himself, so he plants himself somewhere and yells, "YaaaBAH!  UUUUDahMUH!" Until she comes to get him. He just always wants to be wherever she is.

He has to see what she's doing on the iPad.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scenes From My Day

The Bubba has been working 6+ days a week lately and that leaves me gracefully and lovingly taking care of my angel babies surviving. The kids have been pretty great lately, though, so I really can't complain too loudly.  Well, I CAN, but I TRY not to.

Lucy is the queen of the play-by-play. She will repeat something that I say to the Bubba with absolutely no notion that he might have heard me since he's part of the conversation and he's sitting right next to me. Last night the Bubba had to go to the bathroom and Lucy was being a b-r-a-t and not getting out of the way, so he picked her up and moved her. She bawled her little broken heart out saying "I was SO disaPPOINted!"  So what she's doing or thinking is no secret is what I'm saying.

She disappeared from the room a minute ago and then I hear, "Mom! I'm going potty!" to which I of course respond "Ok." But it doesn't stop there - "It's pee pee." pause "I'm done." pause "I'm going to wipe." pause "I got off the potty to wipe." pause "I used the paper towels (toilet paper) all up." pause. "I'm going to wash hands." Keep in mind that John and I are sitting three rooms away and she's hollering this at the top of her lungs. Somehow I have to figure out how to explain discretion to a three year old.

Oh! Three and a HALF she'll have you know. Since Tuesday. And she promply outgrew every stitch of clothing in her drawers. So I bought her some new leggings and jeans in girls' size 5/6. FIVE/SIX. This kid might just be six feet tall.

Today we went to the mail store to post a package to my cousin who just had a baby. The mail store is right across the street from the best bakery ever. So of course Lucy insisted we go in for a treat because we were all so good and patient in line. I really can't say no to a treat for waiting in a long line, even if I know the suggestion is a ruse from a three year old diabolical genius.

John is currently having half a chocolate bar doughnut (minus the chocolate) that Lucy licked clean and three ounces of formula for dessert after nursing and a butter-and-jelly sandwich for lunch. And yet the scale doesn't budge. This kid must just be stuffed with feathers and helium instead of bones and organs.

Summary: My life is very dull, my kids are very tall and very thin quirky little humans.  (Hm. That could be the summary of 98% of my posts.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Photos

The sun has gone back into its wintery cloud cover, and I'm already missing it. It's hard to tell if this little sun teaser we seem to get every February makes the rest of the rainy season easier or harder. Either way, we took full advantage and soaked up as much vitamin D as we could.

Kapow! Swing karate kick!

John thought it was hilarious that I let him 
crawl out on the front porch on his own.

 Lucy had a pajama party at school this week.
 Guess what she wore?

Most of the day outside?
Lucy couldn't be happier.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Photos

Lucy and her bestie walking to our house from school. 
Is there anything cuter than 3/4 year old best friends? I think not. 

Today was fabulously gorgeous. I mean, I LIVE here, you guys. 
Sometimes I find it hard to believe.

Blue eyed babies

My girl picked me a flower, but it didn't smell nice.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Schmendsday

Today's picture day at Lucy's school. I'm still floored that I have a kid old enough to go to preschool and have picture day. I mean, I remember picture day in preschool when I was four. Or was it kindergarten? I remember the green dress that my mom made for me with puffy sleeves and rickrack. I remember it was a little itchy around the arm holes. I remember her putting ribbons on my braids and waiting in line behind the red-headed kid - what was his name? Craig I think? The point is: my daughter is doing this, experiencing these things. She might even remember it or what was said or how she felt. And yet so often I still see her as a little baby. I guess that will never change.

Lucy picked out her own outfit, and it matched and looked cute and we went with it.  John couldn't let her show him up, so he picked out a collared shirt. Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a pic with both kids look so spiffy. I mean, it's not often we get out of jammies around here...

I might be biased, but how stinking cute are these babies??  

Oh, you guys. My kids are so sweet right now. Just so, so sweet. I'm so relieved that I don't have to quit this gig and run off to join the circus.  I mean, next to the last three weeks it's night and day different. Lucy is polite and amenable and listens and obeys and asks interesting questions and jokes around and is just a joy to be around. Believe me I'm not taking it for granted at all - a couple of weeks ago I was about to sell Lucy to the highest bidder.

And John! I started feeding him bottles during the day. I'm pretty sure he's eating 10 ounces over and above the straight breastfeeding.  That is, I'll nurse him, he'll play a little bit, I'll get something done (maybe) and then I'll offer him a bottle. I thought he was happy beFORE. Now he's downright awesome. And? He's been sleeping through the night (SHHHHH. DON'T JINX IT. I DIDN'T JUST WRITE THAT FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE TO SEE).  (I've had two entire nights of 8 UNINTERRUPTED nights of sleep. Do you know what that means?!?! I have not had that since 2010, no joke. I feel like a new woman! I had the patience to make crafts with Lucy yesterday! My life is rosy!)

So I think the Super Story Answer is: sleep! (do you guys watch SuperWhy?)

But when isn't it, right?? Sleep, I mean? The answer? Ugh, never mind. My point was lost.

In other news, I signed up for a Bible study class at a community Christian church that my friend goes to. I have never done such a thing. I'm a good little Privatized Catholic. But I really feel called to it right now, and it sounds interesting and there's free child care. Put it all together and ... Bam! There I am.  I'm just really thankful that my friend was excited and got me interested enough to sign up. I will let you know how it goes. (I know. You're already on tenterhooks. Tomorrow you'll be going about your day going, "Hm, I wonder how Lizzie got on in that Bible study of hers..." and don't you worry. I'll report back.)

I also decided to do fatmumslim's February photo-a-day challenge. Just for something interesting to break up February. So here's your first installment: The subject for the day is My view today.
I had a hard time deciding between laundry
Never ending piles!

And a gorgeous view of the Sound from my run this morning.

The laundry piles won - they're really more indicative of my glamorous life.