Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Off the Charts

Johnny had his 9 month check up today at 9 months 12 days. He has a raging case of eczema that looked so terrible under the harsh clinical lighting that I felt like a horrible mother for not having treated it too aggressively yet. Evidently slapping some diaper cream on it at night didn't heal it. Go figure.

And. He's fallen another rung on the growth charts. He's now in the 5th percentile for weight. It's gotten consistently lower with each well baby visit. This time, his length dropped too. He's now in the 50-75th percentile for height. Sigh.  I wish this didn't worry me as much as it does.  Our ped is awesome and she says "Look at your husband! He's so skinny!" So there's that. And yeah, it's not like the kid doesn't EAT. He could nurse and eat food All. Day. Long. But the fact is that he's not sticking to a trajectory on the growth charts, and instead he's in a lower bracket each time we go in there. So my nine month old weighs 16 pounds 4 ounces, which means that he's gained one little pound in three and a half months. Oh, did I mention I nursed him and fed him a big lunch right before going? Frustrating.

I immediately think the problem is me, you know? Is my milk supply not up to par? Maybe he's not getting all the hind milk? Maybe I should go in a quiet room to nurse during the day so he's less distracted and will actually eat? Is he acting like he's still hungry after he nurses and I'm not noticing? Maybe I should be feeding him formula??

I asked if feeding him bottles would help. Because really, it would be fine with me to cut out a couple of nursing sessions if it meant this kid could gain some weight and put my mind at ease.  The Doc suggested instead of cutting out breast feeding, maybe giving him formula in a cup at mealtimes instead of water just to get some extra calories in him. A very diplomatic answer. She also said she admired that I would be willing to do that because sometimes "bottle" is a bad word 'round these parts.  Whatever. I just want my kid to be healthy and grow. She also suggested coming in for a couple of weight checks between now and April since it's three months away, just to see that he's gaining. If he falls below the 5th percentile, we'll have to talk about other measures.

Which basically means: don't worry until we need to worry. And yet. I worry.


Carrie said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Worrying about kids getting enough calories is no fun. We'll be praying for John to get his act together soon! :) Hugs to you both.

Jessica said...

Ironically, my big chunk of a boy is having the same problem. Dropping weight classes and refusing milk. My supply is way down (even though I'm pumping) and he's not interested in bottles. He looooves solid food, but I worry about him getting so little milk.