Thursday, January 12, 2012


Nine months old, my friends.

John is climbing on EVERYTHING. I don't remember Lucy ever being so bold.  I mean, he'll climb on top of things and get stuck up there because there's no way to safely get down, except he won't really get stuck because he'll just fling himself off thinking that he can just DO that. This kid has had more head bonks already than lucy had in her first 18 months. After hearing a knocking bonk on the hardwood floors, the Bubba and I always look at each other and say things like "That *can't* be good," but then again, he never acts like it really hurts, the little Bruiser.

Along with the climbing came the cruising!
Cruising along the couch, pulling off all the cushions. As you do.

Cruising! For real! He already thinks that he can just let go of the couch and walk across the room to the desk. And then more bonking ensues. All I do every day is follow him around trying to prevent concussive episodes and/or brain damage.

Taking the stroller for a spin

John got two bottom teeth for Christmas! Finally! He's enjoying gorging himself on the little scrapings of anything and everything.  The drool just drips out and with his high-speed scooting, he always has a shirtfront full of gross.

The baby's mostly sleeping through the night again, which is a very good thing.  Except that Lucy's been struggling with night wakings lately.  So if it's not John it's Lucy which inevitably wakes John and then everyone's miserable.  But Lucy will do things like come into our bedroom and say "I think I'd like some milk." Like it's the middle of the day and she just decided she needs a snack. That's not the worst, though, the worst is when Lucy wakes up crying from a bad dream and wakes John up and then Lucy needs comforting and John refuses to go back to bed without nursing.  Someday my kids will both sleep through the night, RIGHT?

John doesn't have his 9 month well baby check up for a couple more weeks because I forgot that babies have 9 month well baby check ups.  Ah, the plight of the second child. I didn't call until this week to get an appointment and of course everyone wakes up at the beginning of January and makes resolutions like "I will take my kid to the doctor when he needs it," so now I've got to wait two weeks to see what kind of weight gain this kid has had in the past couple of months. I mean, it's got to be entire ounces.  This baby. He is Skinny. With capitals.   I seem to remember having the same issues with Lucy, so at least my kids are consistently skinny, but I don't remember ever being worried about Lucy's weight. She was always around the 25th-50th percentile for weight, but John's just in the wittle-bitty 10th percentile.  I wash each rib at bath time.  Ok, it's not quite that bad, but I wouldn't mind having a chunky baby!

Not that John doesn't eat. I mean, last night he Hungry Caterpillar-ed  his way through some O's cereal, a breakfast bar, an entire meatball, some crackers, two slices of pear, half a yogurt, and some more O's.  And this was after 20 minutes of nursing to his fill.  Kid's just got his daddy's metabolism because he never seems to get any wider - just taller.

John is just the HAPPIEST baby. He's so laid back and fun and always smiles and laughs and does silly things to crack us up.  Lucy has as much fun with him as we do, I think. Now that he can crawl into bins that she can push up and down the hallway and empty toy boxes onto the floor, the kids' play together is much more fulfilling for both of them. Too bad my presence is almost always required for the Anti-Bonk Movement or I'd have loads of time to screw around!  HA!


Jessica said...

I can't get enough of the baby-gnawing-on-a-whole-apple pictures. They're so cute!!

-R- said...

This is a fun post.

John is such a cutie!

Ree is only 7th percentile for weight and 96 percentile for height, so I hear you on the skinny baby stuff. She is much more cautious though. She pushes that same little stroller while crying, like Why are you forcing me to walk? Why can't you carry me everywhere?

Lisa said...

What a smile! They grow so fast...

Kate P said...

Your kids just grow cuter by the month. Best of luck with the sleeping and head-bonking--maybe a bubble wrap headband would help?