Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Photos

This little gem didn't make the Christmas card this year, but is totally worth posting here.

My little beauty decided that she doesn't want me to ever cut her hair ever again so that she can have hair like Rapunzel. SHE'S TOO YOUNG TO HAVE AN OPINION!  I liked her bangs and bob. Ah well. So we start the growing of the bangs. SIGH.

Loving the swings at the park!

The Bubba's 33rd birthday!

Snow days!!
Our tiny starter snowman. Before the real snow fell.
Two babies for a sled walk around the neighborhood. 

Handsome in pink?
That's what happens when it only snows once a year and you've got a big sis!

 Lucy and a neighbor friend trying to make a snowman with powder.
It didn't work, but at least it tired them out!

And now you're mostly caught up.


Jessica said...

John is getting so big! He barely looks like a baby anymore - I'd expect him to hop up and start walking around.

Love Lucy's mini snowman and the pink snowsuit.

Elsha said...

Your kids are just so cute!

Kate P said...

Isn't it nice to have "enjoyable" snow? Looks like fun.

Belated happy b-day wishes to the Bubba!