Wednesday, December 14, 2011


John is so big. It's like he got the memo that he just turned eight months and just all of a sudden grew up so much.

He is:
-still army-scoot-crawling with punctuated instances of hands-and-knee rocking
-"clapping" (well, banging hands together) and getting so excited about Patty Cake that he can HARDLY CONTAIN ALL THE JOY OMG
- waving hello/goodbye
- sitting stably and smoothly going from sitting to army-crawling/scooting but not back.
- starting to pull up on things (!) onto his knees
- taking steps while we hold his hands
- ALWAYS moving. Always. Moving.
- finally feeding himself. He took his sweet time figuring out how to get the food on his highchair tray into his mouth, but now it's gangbusters.
- loving puff snacks and bits of bread and eggs and grilled cheese and, well, food. He's a fan.
- still teething. I mean, eternally, right? But I mean he still hasn't gotten his FIRST tooth yet.
- talking up a storm about some very important things. Like buuuuuhbah and boeuf and mmmmmafffffh.  BOEUF. And he can have an entire conversation with different intonations of "Ah"

The kids are:
- having more and more fun together. Like playing "Two babies" in which Lucy gets down on the floor and does whatever John does. It's usually riddled with giggles. They play "chase" too, where Lucy takes off and thinks it's hilarious that John follows her wherever she goes.
- still doing a great job sharing a room.
- super sweet to each other always giving each other hugs and kisses.

The Bubba and I are:
- enjoying the laughter and the very sincere "conversations" from the Little Little AND the Big Little
- always scrambling to "save John for the day!" (Lucy's version of "save the day") with whatever he gets into.
- so overwhelmed by how ridiculously sweet our children are; we can hardly believe how blessed we are.