Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goings On

  • I started running again. Well, I had been running here and there whenever it worked out, but this weekend I started actually making it a priority again.
  • I remember now why I stopped making it a priority. I don't get enough sleep (JOHN!) to recuperate and I am ALWAYS TIRED.
  • The Bubba's work has been crazy busy (what else is new?) and between traveling to Chicago and just getting stuff done at the office his presence is somewhat of a rarity around here. The only day he's here for sure is Sunday and that's the day *I* work.
  • As evidence of the above, Bubba pulled an all-nighter last night because there was something he had to submit to the City of Chicago today.
  • Combination of all of the above: Tired.
  • Lucy changes her mind at least daily about what she wants to be for halloween. The latest suggestions: a balloon, a fire hose, a sandwich, a train, a grasshopper, a square.
  • I would like Lucy to wear the crayon costume that my mommy made ME when I was four. We'll see if that happens.
  • Lucy is almost over the Preschool Cough of Death, so of COURSE John just got it. And I was So! Careful! About containing and washing and disinfecting. Goes to show you.
  • There's not a whole lot more pathetic than a six-month old with a wet, phlegmy cough complete with a gag reflex. Especially at night when I'm sitting up with him in the rocking chair ready to catch the cough-barf.
  • (My life is awesome)
  • (Tired)
  • I made Lucy a princess dress for a dress-up birthday party on Saturday. Well, I bought a dress at the thrift store to use the bodice and then I made the skirt. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I'll post pictures at some point. 
  • This led me to complain to the Bubba that even though I've been asking for a sewing machine for Christmas the last three years, Santa has yet to acquiesce.  Bubba told me it's because Santa doesn't want to bring me something so "domestic" preferring to leave things like a new laptop battery and fancy salon massages.  So I suggested that maybe it should be a Halloween present. Point of long boring story that you don't really care about: I have a new sewing machine on the way. 
  • Let's end it on that note, shall we? Yay new toys!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jet Setting

Every time I tell people that we went on a trip, everyone's first question is "How did the kids do?" Which I totally understand. I mean, who doesn't want to hear the grueling tale of a five month old inconsolably throwing fits and then sharing righteous anger at comments from other passengers and flight attendants.  It's both a Better You Than Me moment as well as an I've Been There moment.  I was convinced that my kids would be a challenge on this trip, but they were complete and total angels and not even once was I stressed out about their behavior.

I prepared for the worst. I spent a small fortune on treats and color books and surprises for Lucy's backpack. I made sure I had half a dozen pacifiers and teething toys and two blankies for John. We didn't use half of it.  I blame it entirely on the ages of our kids. Lucy just turned 3, so she's able to entertain herself for longer periods, and John is young enough to be happy being held and easy to please (generally speaking).

 Lucy spent most of the trip to Chicago enthralled with the window and the headphones she could plug in and control the music channels in her arm rest.  We just had to make sure that she didn't put it on the movie channel.  They showed Pirates of the Carribean Whatever Number They're On Now and I couldn't prevent her from seeing bits of it on the screens in the aisles, but I didn't want her to get interested with the audio too.  So! Headphones! Buttons to push!  And then we read some of the books I stocked up on from Goodwill.  The a portion of the other flights were eaten up with a Dora no-mess reveal-the-colors type picture book that was also sort of a seek-and-find. Lucy had never seen one of these, so it was pretty magical to see the objects she was looking for "appear" when she colored. She also did some dot-to-dots from an activity book.  Things we didn't need: new matchbox car, tiny color book and tiny markers, half of the frillions of snacks, favorite trains.

John is old enough to be interested in playing with toys and young enough not to NEED to be down and moving around on his own. He ate, played with some toys, slept. His favorite thing was ripping the pages out of a magazine and crumpling them. This entertained him for at least 40 minutes. He was so easily taken care of, fussed very minimally as he was going to sleep and then charmed everyone around us with his smiles and coos.

Best part: Lucy singing "Life is a Highway" at regular volume as she looked out the window and then later hearing some guy three rows back whistle it softly and some lady humming it as we were landing.

Worst part: Delays out of Wisconsin on the way back so that instead of sleeping on the plane, John had his nap in the airport. I was so worried for that entire hour and a half that he'd be crabby on the plane and that we'd miss our connection in Chicago. Both ended up being totally fine.

This is why I'm thinking about doing the trip again in a few weeks except without the Bubba. I'm not in love with the idea of having a layover with both kids - in Chicago I was able to run around a little with Lucy while the Bubba took care of John to get some wiggles out - that's definitely something for the "cons" column...

Thursday, October 13, 2011


As in months old. Six of them. I don't know if the math will back me up here, but that's so many more than five.

I haven't written anything since the 5 month post, and quite a bit has happened since then.  Well, nothing BIG, but you know, stuff.  Like: we went to Wisconsin and John met something like 19 of his 25 first cousins. The kids were ANGELS on the plane trips and it couldn't have been easier and now I'm thinking about making the trip again soon with both kids ON MY OWN. I may talk myself out of this.

I've also been meaning to write about how much Lucy loves preschool and how we're both meeting new friends through it.  I've meant to write about how we're all sort of relaxing into fall and school and work again.  How my tutoring work is awesome, and the Bubba's work is busy busy. How I'm accidently the chair of a church commission. How time is flying and I don't even know where the last six months went. Because oh my goodness, I thought time flew with Lucy, it is ten times faster with John in the mix.

But writing all that all takes time and energy. And I don't have much of either of those lately.  We are currently fighting the sleep battle.  He gets up at 10/10:30 for is last feeding around when I go to bed (normal) but THEN he is also getting up demanding to be fed at 2:30/3 and then up for the day at 5:45/6. Not. Awesome.  So for the last week I've  really been working on getting him to go back to sleep without nursing.  Last night was a step back, though, because he was up and insisted on eating. BUT: progress sneaks along! Soon it will be 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I will have the energy to take over the WORLD. Mwah haha haha!

John is so fun right now.  I am just so enamored with 5 and 6 months. Love.  This stage is all cuddly baby and interested learner and smiley friend and slobbery kisser and grabby player. He learned how to blow raspberries and he lets out this playful screechy yell that says "Look at me, I'm over here!" He's not quite crawling yet, but he scoots around enough to get where he wants to be.  He does the two arm drag where he kind of grabs at the floor and pulls his body along, or he does this inchworm thing where he goes up on his feet with his arms and head against floor and he scoots along ON HIS HEAD.  It's pretty comical. He's almost sitting up, but he gets way too excited about reaching for things and ends up throwing his head at the floor in pursuit. So really, sitting up is dangerous.

He started eating solid food in the last two weeks.  So far he's tasted avocado and banana and pear and applesauce and today he tasted carrots. Little dude's a fan of the food. He likes it from the boob, he likes it from the spoon, he likes it here or there, anywhere, etc.

We had his six month checkup at the doctor today and he's back on his growth trajectory.  He weighed in at 15 pounds 5 ounces (not even double his birth weight yet!) which is in the 10th-25th percentile and he's 27.5 inches long which is the 75-80th percentile. It's really funny to me that these percentiles are so different than Lucy's.  I mean, she was almost an inch taller and two and a half pounds thicker at six months.  John's just so SKINNY. He has blowouts all the time because his skinny little legs just cannot fill the leg holes of the BGs I have. No matter how I put the things on.  He's got a good, average sized head, too, which is nice.

He LOVES his sister and would do just about anything for her attention. And she loves him too - she'd do just about anything to make him laugh. I so hope that lasts.