Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Months


Actually more like five and a half months, but it's just us here so let's go ahead and pretend that I posted this on September 12, ok?  Well, that's when I took the photos, so there's no faking you out there, but then I started getting ready for our two week trip to Wisconsin and things got away from me. 

In this pic, John started out on the blanket surrounded by toys, but thought my computer cords might be more interesting to gnaw on.  This kid is WAY more mobile than his sister was at this age. He can really get around on the hardwoods, and he's thisclose to crawling. 

Since the weight discussion at the ped's last month, I haven't started him on any solids since I think they fill up his tummy without adding much caloric value. I will, however, give him the random bite of banana or avocado and he cries when it's gone - he's ready enough...maybe after his six month weight check.  (Although I did weigh him this morning and it seems that he is not exempt from the gaining of vacation weight at grandma's house!)

Friday, September 2, 2011


It's blustery and cool today and feels exactly like a back-to-school fall day should, and all of a sudden my little three year old is joining the ranks of school-goers.

We kind of fell into preschool this year.  I didn't sign Lucy up for anything in the spring when every other normal parent on the planet was getting on the waiting lists for their ivory-college-lead-to programs. I just wasn't sure.  I wasn't sure she'd be ready at just barely three.  I wasn't sure I'D be ready.  I wasn't sure it would have been long enough since John was home so that she wouldn't feel like we were trying to get rid of her or replace her or some other such sad thing.  So I waited.

I ended up signing Lu up for the co-op preschool since it was cheap and close to our house.  But then I started getting a thousand emails a day from these over zealous moms on speed who were ridiculously excited about signing everybody up for classroom cleaning and curriculum night and assigning jobs for all the moms for the year.  I mean, it'd be different if I were going into this with friends that would share childcare, but I'm not going to find a sitter for John when I have to work there. I was not looking for more work to do.  It turns out that I already HAVE a job. And a half, in fact. So, no, thank you, Crazy Co-op Moms, I won't be bleaching Duplos with you this year.

My backyard neighbors (who are crazy awesome) have a four year old who went to the Christian preschool down the street last year and didn't have enough nice things to say about the school and the teachers and the whole bit. I contacted them and everything finally clicked on Monday. Today was the open house and we took our registration fee and our paperwork and overly excited three-year-old to the school and met the teachers, saw the classrooms, and got the run-down.

It looks, well, so much like SCHOOL.  Bulletin boards and tiny tables and tiny chairs and gym time and drawing time and bins with safety scissors and names on coat hooks.  Lucy dove right in and never even looked up to make sure we were around.  She played with the train table and looked at puzzles and made sure the books on the shelves actually had good pictures.  She even made a couple friends and shouted "Excuse me!" the teacher until Lucy had her attention (at least it was pseudo-polite, right?).

The teachers are saccharine, the other parents seemed with-it and nice, the other children just as eager as mine to come and play.  Lucy will be there three hours a day for two days a week.  I'm happy with our choice.

I am surprisingly okay with all of this so far.  I had the epiphany that John will be napping while Lu's at school and I'll have time to DO things!  So the first thing I did was look for a knitting pattern for a Preschool Sweater.  I made sure that Lucy's drawers were full of clothes that actually fit her (SCHOOL clothes!), and when I saw her get busy being Lucy all over that preschool room, I knew that I shouldn't worry.  But there's a coat hook with Lucy's name on it in a little ante-room of that preschool, and my (tiny, sweet) little baby is going to hang up her jacket there on Wednesday and run off into a whole other part of her life without me.

She's going to have a great time.  I'M the one that's going to need hugs.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Both kids saw the doctor yesterday.  John for his four month well-baby visit, and Lucy for her three year visit.  Both kids are still healthy and awesome.

Lucy is 41 inches tall, which is still above the 98%, and she weighs 36 pounds.  Her weight is bumped up to the 90% this time after two years of being in the 50-75%!  At the three year visit, they start taking the kid's blood pressure.  It seems odd to me, but what do I know?  After the nurse took the cuff off and left, I asked Lucy what she thought of it.  She said "It squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed but didn't hurt. Kinda like a hug."  They also start doing BMI at this visit; she's in the 25-50%.

Lucy also pulled out the "Excuse me, Dr. Sarah?  May I please read this book?" indicating one of the children's books in the exam room.  Dr. Sarah looked at me with her eyebrows raised saying something like "So polite and so smart. What an awesome combination." I didn't tell her that it might have been the first time I've heard anything like that out of Lucy's mouth before (sarcastic exaggeration).

John's doing well, too. He's drooling up a storm and gnawing on everything he can get his hands on, but no teeth coming yet.  He's got some early stranger anxiety (the kid's always been a big bad mama's boy) and he had big sobs every time the nurse or doctor came near.  He's rolling all over the place now, and he does this inch-worm crawl thing to reach his toys already. I had something like 7 months before Lucy deigned to move anywhere on her own; this kid is already planning mass destruction, I can just feel it.

He's 26.5 inches long which puts him in the 85-95%.  This is a new thing for me; none of my babies were ever less than >98% for height before!  But all of his stats dipped this month.  In fact, he weighs 13 pounds, 6 ounces which puts him in the 10th percentile for his weight.  The doctor was a wee bit concerned about this since he weighed almost 13 pounds at his last visit two months ago and was in the 50-75th percentile.  I guess they like kids to stay close to their percentile projections.  But, I haven't noticed anything wrong with his eating, I haven't noticed anything wrong with my supply, and if I thought the poor kid was hungry I'm not so fanatical about breast feeding that I wouldn't make him a bottle of formula.

So, it's one of those We'll Keep An Eye On IT things.  Which of course means that it's probably nothing to worry about and now all I do is worry about it.  Don't bother telling me not to, I'm in Mama Bear mode. I'm guaging my supply every time he eats, listening for all of the wet, slurpy swallows. I want to feed him every time he cries, because MAYBE HE'S HUNGRY!  But really, I'm doing my best to keep dong what I've been doing and not worry about it unless it turns into something I need to worry about.

So!  In sum, my kids are both very tall and thin and healthy. I also got a copy of Lucy's immunizations while we were there. You know, like you do.  For SCHOOL.  But that's a whole 'nother post for another night.