Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Stuff

Since I can't put a proper post together this is what you get:

I've been reading a whole lot of books lately. I have five or six out from the library right now and I'm racing to get all of them finished by the time they're due back. Some trashy YA fiction, some contemporary fiction, and, of course, Bossypants. I've been laughing out loud and obnoxiously saying, "Bubba, listen to this..." But most of all I can't stop referring to John's chub as "crotch biscuits" while giggling. She's obviously changed my life.

We started Lucy in swim lessons for July and August. She LOVES it. It's something special that she and Bubba get to do together - they usually go out for ice cream afterward. She's great in the pool, follows directions, tries new things. But she still screams about getting her hair washed or her face wet in the bathtub. Sigh.


John's started rolling both front to back and back to front. He's only 15 weeks old. I feel like Lucy took way longer to get there. I didn't have nearly enough put-the-baby-down-and-he'll-be-there-when-you-get-back time. That's not to say it's all intentional - he'll definitely roll trying to reach for a toy, but it's still a big surprise (to him!) as to where he ends up.

He's also started laughing out loud. It's the best thing since smiles.

The Bubba has three projects going on simultaniously at work. That means that we hardly ever see him any more; he's working crazy hours (for the last two weeks he's logged almost 170 hours).

It's hard for a variety of reasons, the main two are 1)I'm worried that he's stressing too much and not getting enough sleep, and 2) I have to change my priorities. My house being clean has to take a back seat because there's only so much I can do with two Littles. Making healthful dinners has become more of a priority to make sure the Bubba at least has some good healthy food in his belly. It's hard for me to let things go, though. I am a prideful person and I think that I should be able to do it all at all times and when we're living in a messy house I feel like I've failed. So it's been a touchy time around here!

Speaking of letting things go, I'm really sad that I haven't been training for the half marathon I'm supposed to be doing in September. Like in 7 weeks. Yeah. Don't think that's going to happen. Which totally sucks because I've been recruiting my and the Bubba's family to do it with us, and I HATE the idea of everybody doing it without me. Someone said "Why don't you just run/walk it?" and I wouldn't want to because I wouldn't be DOING it then, you know? Maybe not? I'm a nut job. Maybe there's still time to get some training in if John starts sleeping more consisitantly or if the Bubba stops going in to work at the crack of dawn so I could get a longer morning run in. Yet to be seen - but it ain't looking good. Again with the Being All Things At All Times. I mean I KNOW right now it makes sense that I should just concentrate on getting good sleep and doing what I CAN (workout videos). BUT. That doesn't stop me from wanting free time to go running by myself without children crying in the stroller.

Lucy's been waking up dry after naps. Which is fantastic! Except that she insists on having a lollipop for a reward treat.

And even that wouldn't be a big deal, but she makes it last forrrevvvvverrrrrr by having the smallest tongue-out lick of it every few minutes. And THAT means that everything in her vicinity gets a shiny new sticky veneer. I've got to convince her that M&Ms can be good victory treats too.

Yesterday there was a wicked thunderstorm that came through our neighborhood. A couple of times I was alarmed at how close the lightning was. The kids were terrified - we very rarely get electrical storms like that around here. And as I was marveling at some lightning/thunder that looked/sounded like it was right over my house, we lost power. For the ENTIRE MORNING. 6ish hours of no power. It was terrible. I felt imprisoned. I couldn't even use my cell phone too much because my battery was low! So we loaded in the car and spent the whole morning at the fancy mall with a bookstore train table and a covered play area.

We've got some busy social things coming up, too. A friend's party on Saturday (I'm going OUT! on my OWN! to a PARTY! in a dress I don't have to think about NURSING in!) and then Sunday is John's baptism and brunch at our house with the godparents' families. I actually had a stress dream about the baptism last night. I dreamt that I came home to get John changed into the baptismal gown and forgot to change myself, so I was at the front of the church in my pajamas and I was super mad because I bought a new dress for the baptism. Huh. Anyway.

We're trying this for dinner tonight. We can eat soup because it's only 60 degrees around these parts. I've got some salad too, and some bread rising. The perfect curl up in front of the fireplace with a blanket food! No summer for us! (That's not to say I'm not thankful it's not 110 degrees here... I've become such a wimpy north westerner in the last six years!)

Lucy has been doing "exercises" (the Shred) with me in the morning. It's hard working out with her because she cracks me up! She made her own hand weights out of Trio blocks and she knows all the moves and the girls' names.

I have to really concentrate so that I don't laugh and lose what I'm doing.

Well, PBS is babysitting my Big Little while my Little Little sleeps, and I need to go take advantage and shower.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three and Sleep

And then the child was three months old.

And right in the middle of his I-Could-Eat-All-Day!(And-Maybe-I-Will!) growth spurt. Basically every couple hours he's crabbing either to eat or to sleep. Which, you know, is awesome. Because crabby babies rule. Or something. At least I have something tangible to blame it on. Somehow that always helps.

I really don't have much to complain about in the sleep department. John is SUCH a good sleeper. He's been sleeping from 6 or 7 in the evening until 4 or 5ish in the morning, eat and then go back to sleep until 6:30. Every once in a while he'll wake up and cry at 2 or so, but I can sleepily put his pacifier in his mouth and he falls back asleep. He sleeps right next to me in his bassinet, so I don't even really have to wake up all the way to find the pacifier or to drag him into bed with me to nurse. And then by the time I've nursed him, I'm awake enough to get up and either burp him/swaddle him/put him back to bed or change his diaper or get up for the day or whatever. I love it so much. Especially since I never could sleep with Lucy in the room. I don't know if it was a First Baby Nerves thing or if she just made a bunch of noise in her sleep or what, but it never worked well. Maybe I'm just so much more tired this time around that nothing bothers me!

One down side to John's sleep is that I have a second light sleeper. Lucy still needs her white noise machine to fall asleep and it takes her forEVER to fall asleep. John doesn't take so long to fall asleep, but the littlest squeak will startle him awake during the day. He'll sleep in the baby carrier when he's exhausted, but one nap there, and he's ruined. He has a hard time for the rest of the day. But it does mean that if I don't want to deal with a crazy crabby baby, I have to plan on being home when he's tired, which isn't too predictable yet. At least it doesn't seem to affect his night sleeping.

Lucy has been very sweet with John. She's always excited to squeeze and kiss him when he wakes up. She loves making his toys "dance" for him, and that's usually good for a smile and a yell. He yells at her! Not this soft lovey "ggoooooouuuul" coo thing he does for the 'rents. Oh, no. This is a good "GooLUUuuuu" sent from his diaphragm. Like he knows who he's dealing with. And maybe he does.

The reality - barfed on, crowded and mad.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Wedding Pictures!

You guys, I don't need a whole lot of prompting! How about a whole post just to have an excuse to show you some more pictures of my wedding dress?!

The Bubba proposed to me on November 2, 2005 in France after having dated for all of 10 months or so. On the walk-up level of the Tour Eiffel, in fact (if you ask him). It was terribly romantic. Being the broke world travelers that we were, we went to the BHV (the Tar-zhey of Paris) and picked out a tasteful yet funny-to-us piece of bling for 25 Euro. We giggled all the way to the Eiffel Tower. When we caught our breath from all the stairs, he said "Well? Are you going to put it on?" So I did.

And then he took this picture.

I was living in Nantes, France doing a year-long assistantship program. The Bubba was living in Lund, Sweden doing a year-long fellowship program. We were trying to plan a wedding in Wisconsin for the following July. We did what we could over email and phone, and we left the rest to our parents! I wanted to elope and then just have a big backyard barbeque, but the Bubba was having none of that. So, my sweet mother planned our whole incredible wedding and we got to show up for the party and have a good time. It was awesome.

I did, however pick out my dress in France. It was the second one I tried on and I just loved it. I loved the original neckline. I loved the teeny-tiny little train. It just looked well on me.

My Bubba and I walked each other down the aisle.

I got such special treatment flying with a huge obvious garment bag with PARIS stamped across it in huge letters. The flight attendants always hung it in their baggage spaces for me and everyone oohed and aahed and congratulated me and generally caught a little bit of the romantic excitement of getting married and wearing a special French dress.

Me and my (big) sister

Dancing the night away

We were sent on our way with showers of sparklers in the parking lot of the reception venue. I love that we got married on the 4th of July weekend. A) It's easy to remember, B) we always have a 3-day weekend to celebrate, C) fireworks!

And then we lived happily ever after and had two babies and never got any sleep ever again.

The end.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Super Long Photo Update

Um, so evidently I'm only posting once a month now? Man, having a bitty baby and a demanding two-almost-three-year-old is really busy. Especially now that the sun is shining. We have this inbred need to be out and soak it up quick! before October comes and we don't see the sun again until next July!

So let me catch you up.

The Bubba ran his half marathon. This is the same one I ran last year just before we found out Johnny was on board. He (Bubba not Johnny) beat my time by 33 minutes. I love him anyway. (His time was 1:38.) Lucy dictated a poster for him:

and the kids and I went to cheer him on. It was kind of fun to be on the spectator side. Doing it with two babies was a challenge, though. Parking and strolling and finding space and herding the two-year-old and loading and snacking and peeing. And then Lucy was totally clueless when my Bubba actually ran by. Ah well!

Our 4th of July weekend was wonderful.

Saturday was our anniversary. The math tells me we've been married for 6 years.

Rehearsal dinner

I'd like to draw your attention to the Bubba's SMIRK here.
Me: Happy Joyful Him: Aw Yeeah.

I got caught up in a rabbit hole of looking at wedding photos just now. What a fun wedding we had! Seems like yesterday. And yet we look so YOUNG.

[Related tangent: I got fitted for contact lenses again a couple weeks ago (I've been wearing glasses exclusively since Lucy was born) and as I started wearing them, every time I looked in the mirror I was like "Where did all these WRINKLES come from???" My glasses were doing a good job of hiding them and convincing me that I still look 25 under there. HA!]

The Bubba took me out for dinner without our babies Saturday night. Of course we had to wait for them to be asleep, but by 8:45, we were at a fancy bar having a fancy drink and talking. Yup - we talked to each other. And then we had dinner at an awesome Puerto Rican place. It was heaven. We were out until almost 11 and I thought I might die of exhaustion. Big party animals up in here, people! But! John gave us a little gift and slept for 10! Hours! that night. Exclamation! Point!

Sunday, Lucy had her Very First Swim Lesson. Not a whole lot has made me feel more like a mom than signing Lucy up for swim lessons. And she was so excited that mere inches from the door to the pool, she took a huge digger and scraped up her knee and ankle. With blood dripping down her leg, I had to break her little heart and tell her they might not let her swim with an owie like that. However, one of the ladies was like, oh, here's a band-aid and if it comes off I'll get you another one. Nothing like being lax about open wounds in the pool, but whatever!

The Bubba was the parent in the pool. As if you needed me to tell you that. That's exactly what I need right now is to get in a SWIMSUIT in front of all of these moms of six month olds who can still wear bikinis. I have about 100 pounds to lose before I'll do that. Anyway - back to Lucy - she had an awesome time and blew bubbles and moterboated and kicked legs and she's been talking about it all week. So far so awesome.

We also spent some time at the zoo this weekend. It's always a special treat when Daddy comes with us.

Some random lady even offered to take our picture. I love how you can just see Johnny's eyes peeping out over the ergo. I also love how I mis-hooked my nursing tank and manage to look kind of skanky (sarcasm). But really, what are you going to do? I had to feed the boy child by the meerkats before running to see the orangutans. It happens.

That night, I asked Lucy what her favorite part of the day was. She said it was her ice cream treat that she got to eat at the park.

Can't blame her.

Elle est pas belle la vie!