Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Week Might Break Me

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. I have my latest load of sick laundry clean and unfolded on the coffee table, toys are everywhere, dishes are piled high in the kitchen.

It has been the kind of week that other parents don't tell you about when you first have kids. Or else they joke about it and make it seem trivial.  We've been dealing with a Sickness around here.

It started Friday, but I was so certain that it was just a reaction from the flu shots the kids got on Thursday. And then the coughing started. And along with it the cough-barfing.  My kids are BLACK BELTS in cough-barfing. You know, how you cough so hard that you accidently throw up? Yeah, that.  And then the Night Coughing (and cough-barfing, pajama changing, sheet changing, etc.) prevents sleeping, and that makes everybody feel so much worse.  So Sunday, I felt sick too, and you know that a household doesn't run when the Mama's not feeling well.  But I was feeling human by Sunday night, so I figured that Lucy's cough was just the remnants of some bug she worked through over the weekend.

Tuesday Lucy had her preschool Thanksgiving performance. It was so cute! Except that my Star Performer refused to even move much less participate.


See her? In the white shirt and blue/purple jumper behind those other participating children? Wishing she were anywhere but there? Sad. I knew something was still up and that we should probably get things checked out before the holiday.

We spent the afternoon yesterday at the pediatrician's office and at the hospital getting chest x-rays for my poor girl. The doctor thought she sounded all lung-crunchy on one side so off to Swedish Ballard we went. The medical imaging place was the same place we went to get our last ultrasound the day before John was born.  But back to the point: it's not pneumonia.  We just have to suffer through.

It was the first time I've had to deal with all that doctor stuff on my own. I didn't want to bother the Bubba with it since he's already taking off Friday and Monday and his work is just insane. And it didn't seem like such a big deal that I needed to drive all over town trying to find someone to watch John. But that meant I was schlepping two kids all over Seattle dealing with the stress of medical stuff on my own. Which I didn't realize was a big deal until I got home and wanted to just sit and cry.

All this to say that I am less than prepared for Holiday-ing.  My house looks like a rat's nest. I need at least three more days to get myself, my kids, and my house up to an acceptable level of presentation.

Luckily we decided to just do Thanksgiving with the four of us, super low key. So at least the pressure's off  there and we can spend all day in our jammies eating cereal if we want to! (And after this weekend/the beginning of this week we might.)


Jessica said...

Perhaps the Bubba can clean the house this weekend. Or, even better, keep the kids away from you so you can clean (or not clean).

Elsha said...

No fun! My kids are not cough-barfers usually, but my sister's kids are, so I've seen it in action. Hope you're all feeling better soon. And hoping for a nice relaxing Thanksgiving for you guys!

april said...

Awwww, every time I read a post like this I wish I was a sahm with unlimited funds so I could fly around and take care of things that get so overwhelming sometimes. If you lived close, even though I've never mer you I would feel the compulsion to come over and do your laundry and clean your house and stick a dead bird in your oven (not a euphemism).

We, thankfully, have never dealt with any barf ever although i'm sure it's coming. I don't know how i'd deal - I don't have that strong of a stomach. Good luck!

Carrie said...

Big internet hugs to you- I hope today is better than yesterday (although it sounds like it would be hard for it not to be better!)