Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Months


Actually more like five and a half months, but it's just us here so let's go ahead and pretend that I posted this on September 12, ok?  Well, that's when I took the photos, so there's no faking you out there, but then I started getting ready for our two week trip to Wisconsin and things got away from me. 

In this pic, John started out on the blanket surrounded by toys, but thought my computer cords might be more interesting to gnaw on.  This kid is WAY more mobile than his sister was at this age. He can really get around on the hardwoods, and he's thisclose to crawling. 

Since the weight discussion at the ped's last month, I haven't started him on any solids since I think they fill up his tummy without adding much caloric value. I will, however, give him the random bite of banana or avocado and he cries when it's gone - he's ready enough...maybe after his six month weight check.  (Although I did weigh him this morning and it seems that he is not exempt from the gaining of vacation weight at grandma's house!)


Tara said...

Oh they are so big and adorable! And those blue eyes!

Lisa said...

I love his serious look in that picture with his sister. He looks like he's saying, "Seriously, Mom, enough with the posed shots already. I have some computer cord to chew."

Jessica said...

Wow, they are BOTH so big!

And are you telling me my baby could be almost crawling in two months? I am NOT READY.