Saturday, August 20, 2011

Race Day

Today my family ran the Covey Run!

I was weepy ALL MORNING. The Covey Run benifits uncompensated care at the Children's Hospital, and we ran because a friend and colleague of Bubba's has kids with complicated health histories. There were teams of all sorts, of all ages, of all sizes. And I was weepy thinking of the kids whose lives are saved or made better by this and of my own kids who are so healthy. Why yes, I CAN push 80 pounds of stroller for miles for you. (I even saw an "In memory of" team t-shirt and shut it down, people, I almost did the ugly cry at mile 1.5.)

The Bubba ran the 10k and I ran the 5k with the kids in the stroller.

Lucy's debut race

And Lucy ran her first event: a quarter mile kids' dash. She got a medal and was SO. PROUD. (I heard "I ran SO FAST!" and "Look at my medal! I won the race!" approximately a million times. But it was cute even the millionth time.)

She is awesome.

It was a spectacular event. I'm so glad we did it.

(Look how much John enjoyed it!)
(This is my new favorite family picture.)


Jessica said...

That's such a cute family picture!

Lisa said...

What fun! Lucy looks like quite the runner!

Kate P said...

Way to run, family!