Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three and Sleep

And then the child was three months old.

And right in the middle of his I-Could-Eat-All-Day!(And-Maybe-I-Will!) growth spurt. Basically every couple hours he's crabbing either to eat or to sleep. Which, you know, is awesome. Because crabby babies rule. Or something. At least I have something tangible to blame it on. Somehow that always helps.

I really don't have much to complain about in the sleep department. John is SUCH a good sleeper. He's been sleeping from 6 or 7 in the evening until 4 or 5ish in the morning, eat and then go back to sleep until 6:30. Every once in a while he'll wake up and cry at 2 or so, but I can sleepily put his pacifier in his mouth and he falls back asleep. He sleeps right next to me in his bassinet, so I don't even really have to wake up all the way to find the pacifier or to drag him into bed with me to nurse. And then by the time I've nursed him, I'm awake enough to get up and either burp him/swaddle him/put him back to bed or change his diaper or get up for the day or whatever. I love it so much. Especially since I never could sleep with Lucy in the room. I don't know if it was a First Baby Nerves thing or if she just made a bunch of noise in her sleep or what, but it never worked well. Maybe I'm just so much more tired this time around that nothing bothers me!

One down side to John's sleep is that I have a second light sleeper. Lucy still needs her white noise machine to fall asleep and it takes her forEVER to fall asleep. John doesn't take so long to fall asleep, but the littlest squeak will startle him awake during the day. He'll sleep in the baby carrier when he's exhausted, but one nap there, and he's ruined. He has a hard time for the rest of the day. But it does mean that if I don't want to deal with a crazy crabby baby, I have to plan on being home when he's tired, which isn't too predictable yet. At least it doesn't seem to affect his night sleeping.

Lucy has been very sweet with John. She's always excited to squeeze and kiss him when he wakes up. She loves making his toys "dance" for him, and that's usually good for a smile and a yell. He yells at her! Not this soft lovey "ggoooooouuuul" coo thing he does for the 'rents. Oh, no. This is a good "GooLUUuuuu" sent from his diaphragm. Like he knows who he's dealing with. And maybe he does.

The reality - barfed on, crowded and mad.


-R- said...

This post is just awesome. And John is SO CUTE!

Elsha said...

I loved watching Kalena and Will interact when he was little like that. It's so fun! That last picture is priceless.

Kate P said...

Oh my gosh. He smiles, he crabs, he's won his big sister's heart. (I think my middle nephew figured out pretty quickly how to push his "doting" older sibs out of his face. John probably will soon, too!)

Lisa said...

Love that little smile in the first picture. He's growing fast!

Pierre JOUNEAU said...

Liz, bonjour ! Nous sommes à Aubagne chez Clara et Christian, et nous pensons bien à vous quatre. J'entends le chant des cigales. C'est merveilleux ! Néanmoins, je réagis à ton post et je constate que ta mémoire te fait défaut : Es-tu bien sûre de l'année 2005, pour la demande en mariage d'Adam sur la Tour Eiffel ? Je pense qu'il s'agit de 2004. D'ailleurs Adam l'avait raconté en février 2009, comme tu peux le constater en allant sur la page correspondante de ton blog.
Comment allez-vous, tous les quatre ? A quand votre venue en France ?

Gros, gros bisous à tous les quatre.