Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Stuff

Since I can't put a proper post together this is what you get:

I've been reading a whole lot of books lately. I have five or six out from the library right now and I'm racing to get all of them finished by the time they're due back. Some trashy YA fiction, some contemporary fiction, and, of course, Bossypants. I've been laughing out loud and obnoxiously saying, "Bubba, listen to this..." But most of all I can't stop referring to John's chub as "crotch biscuits" while giggling. She's obviously changed my life.

We started Lucy in swim lessons for July and August. She LOVES it. It's something special that she and Bubba get to do together - they usually go out for ice cream afterward. She's great in the pool, follows directions, tries new things. But she still screams about getting her hair washed or her face wet in the bathtub. Sigh.


John's started rolling both front to back and back to front. He's only 15 weeks old. I feel like Lucy took way longer to get there. I didn't have nearly enough put-the-baby-down-and-he'll-be-there-when-you-get-back time. That's not to say it's all intentional - he'll definitely roll trying to reach for a toy, but it's still a big surprise (to him!) as to where he ends up.

He's also started laughing out loud. It's the best thing since smiles.

The Bubba has three projects going on simultaniously at work. That means that we hardly ever see him any more; he's working crazy hours (for the last two weeks he's logged almost 170 hours).

It's hard for a variety of reasons, the main two are 1)I'm worried that he's stressing too much and not getting enough sleep, and 2) I have to change my priorities. My house being clean has to take a back seat because there's only so much I can do with two Littles. Making healthful dinners has become more of a priority to make sure the Bubba at least has some good healthy food in his belly. It's hard for me to let things go, though. I am a prideful person and I think that I should be able to do it all at all times and when we're living in a messy house I feel like I've failed. So it's been a touchy time around here!

Speaking of letting things go, I'm really sad that I haven't been training for the half marathon I'm supposed to be doing in September. Like in 7 weeks. Yeah. Don't think that's going to happen. Which totally sucks because I've been recruiting my and the Bubba's family to do it with us, and I HATE the idea of everybody doing it without me. Someone said "Why don't you just run/walk it?" and I wouldn't want to because I wouldn't be DOING it then, you know? Maybe not? I'm a nut job. Maybe there's still time to get some training in if John starts sleeping more consisitantly or if the Bubba stops going in to work at the crack of dawn so I could get a longer morning run in. Yet to be seen - but it ain't looking good. Again with the Being All Things At All Times. I mean I KNOW right now it makes sense that I should just concentrate on getting good sleep and doing what I CAN (workout videos). BUT. That doesn't stop me from wanting free time to go running by myself without children crying in the stroller.

Lucy's been waking up dry after naps. Which is fantastic! Except that she insists on having a lollipop for a reward treat.

And even that wouldn't be a big deal, but she makes it last forrrevvvvverrrrrr by having the smallest tongue-out lick of it every few minutes. And THAT means that everything in her vicinity gets a shiny new sticky veneer. I've got to convince her that M&Ms can be good victory treats too.

Yesterday there was a wicked thunderstorm that came through our neighborhood. A couple of times I was alarmed at how close the lightning was. The kids were terrified - we very rarely get electrical storms like that around here. And as I was marveling at some lightning/thunder that looked/sounded like it was right over my house, we lost power. For the ENTIRE MORNING. 6ish hours of no power. It was terrible. I felt imprisoned. I couldn't even use my cell phone too much because my battery was low! So we loaded in the car and spent the whole morning at the fancy mall with a bookstore train table and a covered play area.

We've got some busy social things coming up, too. A friend's party on Saturday (I'm going OUT! on my OWN! to a PARTY! in a dress I don't have to think about NURSING in!) and then Sunday is John's baptism and brunch at our house with the godparents' families. I actually had a stress dream about the baptism last night. I dreamt that I came home to get John changed into the baptismal gown and forgot to change myself, so I was at the front of the church in my pajamas and I was super mad because I bought a new dress for the baptism. Huh. Anyway.

We're trying this for dinner tonight. We can eat soup because it's only 60 degrees around these parts. I've got some salad too, and some bread rising. The perfect curl up in front of the fireplace with a blanket food! No summer for us! (That's not to say I'm not thankful it's not 110 degrees here... I've become such a wimpy north westerner in the last six years!)

Lucy has been doing "exercises" (the Shred) with me in the morning. It's hard working out with her because she cracks me up! She made her own hand weights out of Trio blocks and she knows all the moves and the girls' names.

I have to really concentrate so that I don't laugh and lose what I'm doing.

Well, PBS is babysitting my Big Little while my Little Little sleeps, and I need to go take advantage and shower.


Elsha said...

I have the opposite problem with lollipops. I gave them to my kids last time we were shopping (you know, the "We're ALMOST done" bribe to be good) and like 2 minutes later Kalena was asking for another one because she'd finished hers.

Also, I LOVE when babies start laughing out loud. It's the cutest!

Kate P said...

Loving the homemade toy weights! Best wishes for your Bubba that all his projects go well and things will calm down soon. And I'm glad you are reading! :)

Holly said...

Yep, loved Bossypants for all the ridiculous things in there that I couldn't keep to myself and had to follow Garrett around reading.

Also -- I loved this random post! Nice to hear what you and the family are up to. Don't worry too much about the half marathon, there will be another race. Your plate sounds FULL woman! :)

Lisa said...

Cute! I'd come over and watch your kids so you can train, but you are something like a 24-hour-drive from here. So no dice. I would appreciate if you can wave some of that 60 degree weather this way, though. Just a whiff of that would offer relief in this 90 percent humidity 90+ degree weather.