Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Wedding Pictures!

You guys, I don't need a whole lot of prompting! How about a whole post just to have an excuse to show you some more pictures of my wedding dress?!

The Bubba proposed to me on November 2, 2005 in France after having dated for all of 10 months or so. On the walk-up level of the Tour Eiffel, in fact (if you ask him). It was terribly romantic. Being the broke world travelers that we were, we went to the BHV (the Tar-zhey of Paris) and picked out a tasteful yet funny-to-us piece of bling for 25 Euro. We giggled all the way to the Eiffel Tower. When we caught our breath from all the stairs, he said "Well? Are you going to put it on?" So I did.

And then he took this picture.

I was living in Nantes, France doing a year-long assistantship program. The Bubba was living in Lund, Sweden doing a year-long fellowship program. We were trying to plan a wedding in Wisconsin for the following July. We did what we could over email and phone, and we left the rest to our parents! I wanted to elope and then just have a big backyard barbeque, but the Bubba was having none of that. So, my sweet mother planned our whole incredible wedding and we got to show up for the party and have a good time. It was awesome.

I did, however pick out my dress in France. It was the second one I tried on and I just loved it. I loved the original neckline. I loved the teeny-tiny little train. It just looked well on me.

My Bubba and I walked each other down the aisle.

I got such special treatment flying with a huge obvious garment bag with PARIS stamped across it in huge letters. The flight attendants always hung it in their baggage spaces for me and everyone oohed and aahed and congratulated me and generally caught a little bit of the romantic excitement of getting married and wearing a special French dress.

Me and my (big) sister

Dancing the night away

We were sent on our way with showers of sparklers in the parking lot of the reception venue. I love that we got married on the 4th of July weekend. A) It's easy to remember, B) we always have a 3-day weekend to celebrate, C) fireworks!

And then we lived happily ever after and had two babies and never got any sleep ever again.

The end.


Elsha said...

I love hearing couples stories! My husband and I only dated for like 9 months before we got engaged and then we did do the elopement thing (we were engaged for 2 weeks.) We just had our 5 year anniversary last month. And your last line pretty much sums up our life too:)

Those wedding pictures are beautiful. That dress really is lovely.

Jessica said...

I love that your wedding dress came from France!

Kate P said...

You look extra beautiful! Wow, in the span of a week I now know someone who was proposed to in Paris and someone else who got married in Vegas. So many fun stories.

britzenthaler said...

Somehow it always boils down to sleep for you. At least you're consistent! Send your kids to NC for a week or so. You can plan a snoozefest.