Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Two whole months since we met you. And yet, it seems like you've always been a part of our family.

I mentioned to Lucy that it was Johnny's two month birthday, she was so excited, that she insisted we make brownies with sprinkles on top and sing happy birthday. So we did. Any excuse for brownies is a good one for Lu. (She didn't drag me into the kitchen kicking and screaming either, I suppose...)

The whole name issue hasn't totally resolved itself yet, but the Bubba and I tend to call him John/Johnny and occasionally Jack. Lucy calls him Jack or Jackie and occasionally Johnny. All of this is more okay with me this month.

Johnny is mostly happy and charming. He smiles and says "aaooooo" and "ggguuuuuuhoooo" and "iye-uuuh" and "kkkkkkkhhhh" emphasizing his points with swift punches to the air. He has a special place in his heart for his sister already - saving the best smiles and loudest coos for her. It melts my heart, really. He loves being outside already and he will back arch his way right out of my arms if I don't give him enough space to look around at everything.

Speaking of arching his back, he can already push up on his arms, arch, and roll from belly to back. Not every time, but enough that I'm saying it on my blog for posterity. He surprises himself every time and mostly isn't too happy about it. He likes being on his tum. Today at the pediatrician, he rolled and surprised her too. My Strong Man is already checking off 4 month skills.

2 month checkup stats: he is 25 inches long, greater than the 98th percentile for height, and he's 50-75th percentile for weight at 12 pounds 10.5 ounces. His noggin is 40 1/4 centimeters, which really doesn't mean that much to me, but I suppose it's pretty important that his brain is growing some in there. He had three pokes today and one oral vaccine, so he's slipped into that post-inoculation coma that I'd forgotten about. Poor baby.

Last night he slept from 8:30pm until 4:30am. All I can do is hope and pray it keeps happening, because ohmygoodness it was so nice. But really, waking up to such a cute little guy isn't the worst thing I've experienced.

Happy two months, Johnny!