Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What? It's May?

Time stopped for me in March sometime. My aunt and uncle came over the other day with a pie to celebrate an early birthday for me. I was all, "Um, but my birthday's in MAY." Uh. Oh yeah.

It's called Newborn Haze.

Mother's Day was kind of a non-event over here. When we were young and single (read: without children), gift giving occasions were...maximized. I mean, I used to have a "birthday month." I'd start teasingly reminding the Bubba at the end of April that my birthday is approaching. And he'd start being coy and teasing about my gift and I'd take May as an excuse to go out for lunch more often or to treat myself to those sunglasses I was checking out at Anthropologie.

The Bubba would then make an appropriately big deal out of my birthday. For example, our first May together, the Bubba got tickets to Les Contes d'Hoffmann which is only my favorite opera of all time. (Worth it just for the Barcarolle. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it it's so pretty.) One other birthday, he took me out to dinner at a schmancy place downtown one night and then rented us kayaks to watch the sunset over the Sound the next night.

For Mother's Day this year, the Bubba and Lucy collaborated on a card, I bought myself a work out DVD, and the Bubba let me take a nap, made dinner and put clean sheets on the bed.

I wouldn't trade that for all the sunset tours in Seattle.


Kate P said...

I would totally be down with a birthday month. Sounds excellent. Glad you got a nice nap on Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Gros bisous à tous les quatre.
Pour la barcarolle des Contes d'Hoffmann, j'aime bien cette interprétation (musicale seulement) :
et celle-ci avec Montserrat Caballé et Marilyn Horne : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DVkGTbIBR0

A +