Thursday, April 28, 2011


  • Two kids! If one's not crying the other one is! (This should be my new tagline.)
  • (At least) two loads of laundry every day what with the spit-up, pee fountains, leaky boobs, kicking the toddler out to play in the muddy backyard, etc.
  • Two huge piles of clean, not folded laundry in my very messy living room.
  • Two piles of dishes stacked up on either side of my kitchen sink.
  • A two year old girl constantly pushing boundaries. Especially now.
  • A two-year old girl who is so sweet it hurts sometimes. Yesterday she said "I love you, Mommy. You're my best girl I know."
  • Two minutes that Jack and Lucy let me rock both of them simultaneously this morning. Nice, warm, squishy cuddles with two not-crying babies with my eyes closed. Two minutes in heaven.
  • Easter with two babies.
  • A two-week old baby who gained a whole pound in his second week after losing 11oz from his birthweight. His 14 day old stats: 22.5in long (98%); 9lbs, 6.5oz (75%); head 37cm (90%).
  • Two arms that are constantly around said two-week old since he simply cannot abide being put down even for a moment.
  • Two entire days it took me to write this lame post! Evidently free time is a thing of the past!
  • Two tired mommy eyes.


Carrie said...

I love the Easter picture- how sweet!

It is a hard adjustment, getting used to someone always needing you and having to triage kid needs. I'm sure you're doing great! Big hugs to you!

Elizabeth said...

Your little family is so adorable. You look so happy, it's gorgeous.
I had one of those babies that could never be put down. Get yourself a Moby wrap, stat!

Lisa said...

Sweet, and also exhausting! I love his name so much. John-as-Jack is very traditional, and his middle name...well, I just love it!

-R- said...

Both of my babies will only sleep in my arms. Which will seem sweet in 0 years, I'm sure, but right now - aaa!

Anyway, this post is really sweet.

Elsha said...

Beautiful family!

Shelby said...

What great pictures! You look gorgeous, and so happy! You've been on my mind a lot - wondering if the newborn baby fog feels the same the second time around.