Monday, April 4, 2011

Pregnancy Brainless

"Pregnancy Brain" - that phenomenon of rampant distracted stupidity that we can blame on the fetus for 9 months of our lives - do you think it gets WORSE the further past the due date one gets?

Oh, do I have a story for you today.

We spent the morning walking around at the zoo and then had a huge burger and fry and chocolate shake lunch afterward at a little burger joint in Ballard. Hoping for labor! Come on, Bidou! (No luck.)

Then we stopped by the library because I had a book (Birthing From Within - it took a while on the hold list before I got it, and I figured ah, what the hey, I can still thumb through it while this baby FREELOADS FOR ANOTHER FRAKKING DAY!) (ahem.) on hold waiting for me. I went in and left Lucy and the Llama in the car. I started reading part of the book while I was waiting to check out and got all Thinky about it.

So I'm in a very Thinky state of mind as I go out the door and almost run into an old due trying to enter the library. And I'm in a very Thinky state as I go to the driver's side car door of my blue Toyota. And I'm in a very Thinky state as I lift the handle of the driver's side car door. And the car door is locked! That's weird! I left it unlocked with Grandma and Lu in there! And the car behind beeped it's horn! What are they honking at for the love?!

So, shocked from my Thinky state, I realized that I WAS TRYING TO GET INTO A CAR THAT WAS NOT MINE AND IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT OF WHICH WAS SITTING A (VERY CONFUSED/FRIGHTENED) WOMAN. And the car beeping it's horn? Ah yes. My car. With my Llama honking hoping to help me to avoid death by embarrassment.



Carrie said...

I'm sure the woman was more confused than frightened, given the fact that you're not terribly threatening looking at this stage :) Loved the story though, too funny!

I've been doing cheers for the baby to show up in my living room today "come on Liz's baby- come meet the world! GO BABY!" My kids think I'm nuts. Praying hard that he makes his appearance soon and that things go smoothly.

Jessica said...

That turned out better than I thought. I was worried the car behind "yours" was going to be some concerned citizen about to call the cops on you for car jacking.

Kate P said...

I thought stealing someone else's car might be the latest method to get labor going. . . no, huh? Rats!

L said...

hahah. OF COURSE you have to try to break into a car with someone in it. PS. I knew a Tyler growing up whose nickname was Buzz - and it was great. He was adored, his nickname was adored (even if it doesn't really come from Tyler).

Lisa said...

I've been there, but without the pregnancy excuse!

-R- said...