Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Growing and Growing

Grandma is a book reading fool. Lucy is as happy as you might imagine given that little datum. I have actually missed my little troublemaker for the last week while Grandma's been entertaining her. I don't have her constantly in my space! Asking what I'm doing! Asking to be carried! Wanting to be exactly where I am!

I've started getting emotional about Lucy not being my ONLY anymore. My BEHBEH! She's such a good girl and she won't ever be my only Snuggle Bug ever again. Sniiiiiiiff.

But! She's growing so fast and getting so big. She's been waking up dry from naps lately. I think the running total is 7 out of the last 11 days.
I don't think I've talked about it much here mostly because I've been trying to follow doctor's orders and ignore, ignore, ignore. Oh, but it's been so hard. Her poor fingers have been raw little red nubs for almost the last year. It was never a nervous habit, just a relaxing one. She would gnaw while she watched TV or when she was getting settled for sleep. The pediatrician equated it to thumb sucking and told me to try to distract her fingers with beads or some such thing when it was getting particularly bad, and otherwise just to ignore it and she'd give it up when she's ready.

I'd like to think I've been totally laid back about the whole situation, but (HA!) there's no way. I stressed about it from day one. I worried about germs. I worried about infection. I worried about gross fingernail buildup in her tummy. I worried about nibbling being a brain-cell burning gateway to OTHER bad habits. Booger eating! Glue tasting! Toddler delinquency!

The germ phobia was the worst part this winter. I was super vigilant about antibiotic-ing her hands every 20-30 seconds at the Children's Museum or the Zoo, after church and intermittently at the grocery store. With those tiny fingers always in her mouth, I was sure she was going to contract Mono-sars-swine-osis or whatever death warrant was being passed at the moment.

And now! All of a sudden! Almost a year later, she doesn't bite her nails anymore. Just like that. And I'm in a state of relieved awe. That's not to say I don't half expect another flare up just as soon as Second Baby shows his face around here. The prospect doesn't fill me with joy, but at least I know it won't actually lead to masochism and eventual juvie time.

I'm just so relieved that this phase has passed with the worst thing being a tiny little infected hangnail. And I painted those precious new little nubs of nail growth pink on my big grownup girl and it seems she's just as happy about it as I am.


Carrie said...

Good job, Lucy!!! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see your pretty non-bitten fingernails!

Seriously, the weirdest part about giving birth to Vivian was saying goodbye to Ethan and walking out the door of our home to drive to the hospital, knowing that he had no clue what was happening and that it was going to change his world forever!

Hope you're doing well today- hang in there!

Kate P said...

All right, Lu! A "manicure by mommy" is quite the luxurious reward. (BTW my sister sucked her thumb well past 3 and didn't get mono until college. Hee!)

p.jouneau@sfr.fr said...

Bravo, Lucy, Félicitations !
Tu es vraiment une grande fille !
Gros bisous à tous et à Becky.
J'espère que nous saurons rapidement l'heureuse issue de cette longue attente de 9 mois !