Thursday, March 3, 2011

April's Coming. Time to Procrastinate.

So it's March. Many of you have probably already noticed. For the rest of you, you're welcome for the update. I know that's what you come here for.

This morning I showered and put on makeup and did my hair and put on a cute (if there is such a thing when you're 8+ months pregnant) outfit for the sole reason of organizing and preparing our taxes. You got to have the right mind set, you know? And yet, here I am writing on my blog only to procrastinate looking at these dull documents and putting them all in order and filling in the right numbers on the right lines.

Normally, I like doing our taxes. I like figuring it all out and looking for secret breaks and credits that nobody wants to tell you about. I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment when I finish them. It's the wannabe math major in me (Did I tell you that I started college as a math major? True story.). But this year? Meh. And it's even easy this year. Straight forward. Both the Bubba and I only have one W-2 each! And simple charity credits! And simple student loan credits! Easy peasy. And yet. Here I sit telling you about it instead of doing it.

What else can I tell you about since I'm wasting time? Update post!!

Lucy's been better behaved lately. There had been quite a bit of TV watching going on around here just so that I could either a) rest or b) get things done around here. It started with a 1/2 hour show right away in the morning so that I could shower and get dressed. Well, as an experiment this week, I cut out the TV entirely, well, all electronic stuff for her (including Skyping with Grandma in the morning) and the new Nook that she loves and calls "my nookbook." And all of a sudden her imaginative play is fun again and when I'm getting stuff done, she plays independently. It's not very useful when I need a rest, but usually if I lay down on HER bed in HER room she will deign to do puzzles quietly while I catch 40 winks. She doesn't seem to expect to be entertained and have attention on her all the time. (Thank you Baby Jesus.) And, it helps that the Bubba is not traveling this week and our routine is somewhat back to "normal" whatever that means anymore.

I did indeed gain 90 pounds in 4 weeks like I warned you last week. And my midwife did indeed have a little something to say about it. But I told her that I would have gained at least a fiver even if I WEREN'T pregnant because of what a hard month it was. Ah well. She said she wasn't too worried about it because I gained a lot with Lucy too and it all came off. And that's when I fell in love again. I love my midwives.

Otherwise, the Second Child is doing well. There's not a whole lotta room in there for him any more, so it seems like he strikes out in Crouching Dragon slow motion instead of the quick one-two combos he used to lay on me. It stretches and distorts my belly and is basically uncomfortable and weird. My innie belly button is now outie, something that didn't happen last time. I have to believe that some of this is because I'm smaller this time around. Or maybe it's just new and weird because I'm carrying this baby straight out from my spine and not all over my whole midsection like I did with the Bird. Either way, Bidou started rocking out one evening when I was working and it was totally obvious under my patterned shirt. My student saw the alien movements right away and needless to say this poor 13 year old boy was completely creeped out and is probably still trying to wipe the image from his brain. Poor kid, had so much time before reality like that should hit.

We have a tour of the birth center scheduled for this Saturday morning. The Bubba seems to think that Lucy can come with us. I'm imagining that I will be doing the tour alone after 5 minutes when the Bubba and Lucy have to excuse themselves. Whatever. All I need to know is what doors are accessible when and where to find the L&D triage room. I don't know why they schedule these things for an hour. Nothing like making 8- and 9- month pregnant ladies stand around on swollen feet for an hour.

Our baby list is getting whittled down. Slowly but surely. It feels good to see some things crossed off. More things I don't have to worry about. Fourish weeks. It's so weird to think that in one little day Lucy isn't going to be my ONLY anymore (sniff!!) and that we're going to be a family of four. It really stretches my brain.

Speaking of brain-stretching, I think I've exhausted the minutiae of our ever exciting lives, so here I go back to staring at these numbers. Taxes, ho!

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Lisa said...

Ah, taxes. Good to get them done before the baby comes, though. That could be stressful. Good luck with the final run to the finish line here.