Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost There

A couple more weeks!

36 weeks 3 days.
I retired the striped shirt.
It just couldn't stretch any further.

My "nesting" has been mostly insatiable shopping for things that baby "needs." You know, like an Easter outfit. And a fuzzy blanket. And just the right warm socks. I'm trying really hard to keep the immanent hospital bills in mind when I want to buy something, but geez, this kid really needs a pair of khakis in 0-3 month size to match his big sissy's Easter dress!

Otherwise, not much else is new on the baby front. The days slip by and every so often I'll have an OMG THIS BABY IS GOING TO BE HERE SOON moment, but mostly I forget about it in terms of baby because I'm so focused on what it means in terms of fatigue and its impact on Lucy care. Ah, the Second Child Shaft. Sorry Bidou.

Oh, and guess what? I think we might have a name. Maybe.

My mama is coming in a little over a week. I'm excited to have her around both for Lucy's sake and for my own! Just think of all the naps I'll take! Mmmmm.

My next midwife appointment is next week, and then I think I start seeing her every week. The point where things start getting serious for me. This baby is a'comin'!


Carrie said...

You're still looking great! And yes, he definitely needs tiny little khakis for Easter. That's just a given :)

-R- said...

Yay, I'm so excited for you!

kirida said...

You still look adorable. So exciting!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I'm really looking forward to being in the room when you give birth! In all seriousness, I'm SELFISHLY hoping babe either shows up really early or a little late so I CAN SEE YOU. Being in your hometown and not getting to hang out seems terribly unfair. But you look adorable and I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Kate P said...

What a cute mama you are. Cute little Bidou in cute little khakis--I can hardly stand the wait!!!