Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Going On

I really don't have much to blog about; life is just life right now and we're living it and that's it.

The Bubba has been making lots of business trips and has otherwise been very busy with work. I think he said he logged 130-some hours on his last 2-week time sheet (without blinking one guy he works with chimed in, "I logged 155!"). Needless to say, there's a whole lot of calculations burning their way through those brains, and Lucy and I have been in straight-up survival mode.

This week's business trip was cancelled kind of spur of the moment, and I'm considering it a miracle straight from Heaven because the day or two after I was struck down with some sort of food poisoning/stomach virus that totally incapacitated me. I've never experienced such a thing at 31weeks pregnant, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. In fact, I found myself praying some of the same words I prayed when I was in labor - something like "I'm not asking You to take this away, but please give me the strength and grace to live through it!" There were contractions, and calls to the midwife, and I was scared we'd end up in the hospital for IV fluids, but things started righting themselves *enough* in my time frame to be able to avoid it. I didn't want to have to add that ordeal to the misery...

And of course I was sick and made us stay inside on the sunniest days we've had so far this year. We did make it to the park yesterday, but everyone and their nanny was there trying to soak up the last rays before another forecasted week of rain. I think I came home more tired out than Lucy did. Everyone assumes that Lucy's older than she is because she's so tall or so verbal, and it makes it hard when I have to constantly referee with her and other kids whose moms think she's a four year old like their kid and should be able to handle whatever situation is going on. Even I have to remind myself every so often: even if it seems like she gets something, she's not even TWO AND A HALF YET (in a couple more days, I can FINALLY say she's two-and-a-half)!

Um, and all of a sudden I'm 7 months pregnant?! How did that happen? Well, not the pregnancy of course ... the Time Warp, I mean? I feel like I was saying "I'm 5 months pregnant" yesterday. I lost month 6 somewhere. In all the surviving, I guess.

Welp, that's the news from these parts. It's about time for my nap.

I'll be sure to keep you updated with other scintillating details of my life as they come up.


Elsha said...

Yes, I found that my second pregnancy FLEW by. I think it's the toddler keeping you busy that does it. Also, I am constantly having to tell people, "She's only two" when they don't understand why my crazy tall daughter won't talk to them. (She does talk, just much to strangers.)

Lisa said...

Ugh. Most days in January and February I feel like I'm just surviving and I haven't had any sickness going around at all. So to be sick AND in the middle of winter AND pregnant...I understand how that would be total survival mode.

Kate P said...

Oh, yuck, sorry to hear about the scary stomach upset thing. Glad you are better now.

I think Lu needs a t-shirt emblazoned with "2-1/2"!

-R- said...

I have already said this to you, but I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Happy early half-birthday to Lucy!