Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Already?

This week is going super fast. Which is a very nice thing since it's a challenging one. But then again, the busier you make yourself the faster the time flies, no?

Lucy slept in my bed last night because of bad dreams. She woke up crying and ranting something incomprehensible about "THE OTHER ONE!" or "ANOTHER ONE!" or some such thing. And she wouldn't settle down until I laid down with her. But her little single bed isn't the most conducive to comfort for an 8 month pregnant lady. So I brought her into the big bed, and it took forever to convince her to sleep, and then *I* of course didn't sleep. We're in a very gingerly choreographed holding pattern to insure that no one gets irrevocably damaged today.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow morning and I'm fully expecting her to be all "You gained 90 pounds in the past 4 weeks?!" And for me to hang my head in shame. Because I've been fueled almost exclusively by discount valentine's candy, baked goods, and cheese while I try to make it through some of these more stressful weeks. Ah, stress eating.

On a happier note, Saturday we had a rare day of the Bubba not having to work all the waking hours. So we took a walk down to the park.

How cute is this little gem of a picture? I just love it.


Elsha said...

That is a cute picture. I love that little pink hat.

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is so cute! Glad you're making it through the week- miss you!

L said...

that IS a total gem of a pic. good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Kate P said...

I think poor Lu was having nightmares about running out of books!

LOVE the picture!!!

-R- said...

Seriously, what a cute picture!

I hope the Bubba's work slows down soon.

Mom&Dad said...

Been following the blog for awhile now. I enjoy hearing about the family. Never had a comment until now. How about Charlie (not Charles or Chuck) just Charlie Ritz T.
Aunt Carol