Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two and a HALF!

We put Lucy down for naps and nighttime in diapers. She can't make it through dry (although at this point she could probably do nap time dry, but she's too LAZY to get up quick enough to pee in the potty when she wakes up. LAZY.). Anyway, lately at night, she will piddle juuuuust the teeniest bit that she can squeeze into her diaper and then holler "I'VE GOT A WET DIAPER!" until we come and get her a new one. I've seriously been wracking my brain for ways to get her out of this super annoying habit. Well, the other night, she's screaming for a clean diaper, and I went into her room and said something MEAN like "Too bad, you're supposed to tell me when you have to go pee pee on the potty and your diaper should stay dry and now you have to sleep in it." and she was sad for a couple minutes, but then she quieted down and I assumed she fell asleep.

Here's you waiting for the punch line, right? Well, here it comes. half an hour later, she hollered for me quite plaintively saying she needs help... I go in and find that she had taken matters into her own hands - she took her jammies and (slightly piddled in) diaper off and was in the bed naked. Her next play was to piddle just enough in the bed so that I had to change all the sheets and wash all of her babies besides.

Joke's on me. Again.

Oh to be outsmarted by a two year old.

Two-and-a-HALF now, thankyouverymuch!

To celebrate her unbirthday, we went and got the girl a much needed haircut.

She's getting so big so fast.


Carrie said...

Love the haircut! Happy half birthday, Lucy!

Tara said...

I totally didn't laugh when reading this... oh wait. What a funny and smart girl. With cute hair!

Shelby said...

She's so stinking cute! And also SMART!

Lindsay said...

So! Pretty!

Kate P said...

I dunno, that cute new haircut might unleash even more brain power!