Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Lives

I've told you our lives are crazy right now.

Here's some illustration:

Saturday someone asked my Bubba how work was going and he said, "Basically, it's kicking my ass and destroying our family." (Half kidding, of course. I've been complaining that even when he's home he's never present - always working on shop drawings at the table and doing his best to completely tune out his girls.)

Yesterday when we were getting ready for bed, I jokingly asked, "Hey! Tomorrow's President's Day! Do you get the day off?" And then we both belly laughed for a good five minutes.

The End.

Someday when I have a spare moment I'd like to write some thoughts on spacing our babies, what I'm starting to feel about becoming a family of four, and things we've been doing around here to prepare for Bidou (WHO STILL REMAINS NAMELESS FLOG - Maybe I'll have to do a Name That Baby post!). But that'll have to wait until I figure out how to get this two-year-old to raise herself so that I have time to do things like write...


Carrie said...

Big internet hugs to you all- I hope things get better with his work soon. You've been so unbelievably patient, even when you're frustrated. I've been very impressed.

Hope this is a good week for you guys.

Shelby said...

Glad to hear you're all hanging in there, more or less. Does Bubba get to take time off when the baby comes?