Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Already?

This week is going super fast. Which is a very nice thing since it's a challenging one. But then again, the busier you make yourself the faster the time flies, no?

Lucy slept in my bed last night because of bad dreams. She woke up crying and ranting something incomprehensible about "THE OTHER ONE!" or "ANOTHER ONE!" or some such thing. And she wouldn't settle down until I laid down with her. But her little single bed isn't the most conducive to comfort for an 8 month pregnant lady. So I brought her into the big bed, and it took forever to convince her to sleep, and then *I* of course didn't sleep. We're in a very gingerly choreographed holding pattern to insure that no one gets irrevocably damaged today.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow morning and I'm fully expecting her to be all "You gained 90 pounds in the past 4 weeks?!" And for me to hang my head in shame. Because I've been fueled almost exclusively by discount valentine's candy, baked goods, and cheese while I try to make it through some of these more stressful weeks. Ah, stress eating.

On a happier note, Saturday we had a rare day of the Bubba not having to work all the waking hours. So we took a walk down to the park.

How cute is this little gem of a picture? I just love it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bidou List

[Lucy is reading a book to herself (gasp!) so I have 10 minutes with my laptop and a cup of coffee. Bliss!]

So. Here's the thing. I have like five and a half weeks to go until Bidou's approximated arrival. And I'm not ready. I read A'Dell's list the other day and got all Panicky! I need a list! I have things I need to do to! Things aren't getting done! I have NOTHING! NOT REAAADDDYYYY!

And then I slapped myself, took a deep breath and made my own list:
  1. Look for a small rocker or glider to replace huge leather chair in our bedroom. (Just purchased last weekend!)
  2. Assemble bassinet and make sure it fits in our bedroom
  3. Purchase e-reader for breast-feeding entertainment
  4. Purchase infant car seat! (procured yesterday) (whew!)
  5. Install infant car seat!
  6. Purchase sit n stand stroller (I'm pretty sure Lucy will deign to ride in this one)
  7. Price/reasearch a double jogger (I'm so looking forward to running again! And I think Craigslist will come through for me if I'm patient...)
  8. Pick out "coming home" outfit for our little man
  9. Figure out registration for pre-school for Lucy. (Registration at the school I'm looking at is 5 days before my due date!)
  10. Send in hospital pre-registration (just faxed it this morning!)
  11. Pack hospital bag
  12. Fill out (midwife-required) birth plan form (Birth plan: I go with the flow, yo.)
  13. Pack hospital bag
  14. Buy more cloth diapers (that aren't pink!)
  15. Decide the Bubba's vacation/at home time (to be reassessed closer to the due date as things *HOPEFULLY* quiet down a little for him at work)
  16. Start freezing some dinners/compiling crock pot dinner recipes
  17. Stock up on random newborn stuff like diapers and pacifiers.
  18. Decide whether we need to put up the changing table or not (right now I'm thinking not)
  19. Sort through Lucy's toys and organize her closet (the kids will eventually share a room!)
  20. Get a mani-pedi
  21. Finish knitting dinosaur sweater FLOG (that I started 3 months ago when we found out this is a boy)
  22. Think about birth announcements
  24. Review birthing materials, pain management, infant CPR, etc.
  25. Buy bedding for our extra bedroom (where my mommy will be staying!)
So, there are still a couple of things that need to be taken care of. But the nice thing is that mostly it's just putter-y getting ready stuff and not OMG I DON'T HAVE A BABY SEAT WHAT IF I GO INTO LABOR TOMORROW kind of stuff.

But. Stuff still needs to get done.

Especially number 23.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Lives

I've told you our lives are crazy right now.

Here's some illustration:

Saturday someone asked my Bubba how work was going and he said, "Basically, it's kicking my ass and destroying our family." (Half kidding, of course. I've been complaining that even when he's home he's never present - always working on shop drawings at the table and doing his best to completely tune out his girls.)

Yesterday when we were getting ready for bed, I jokingly asked, "Hey! Tomorrow's President's Day! Do you get the day off?" And then we both belly laughed for a good five minutes.

The End.

Someday when I have a spare moment I'd like to write some thoughts on spacing our babies, what I'm starting to feel about becoming a family of four, and things we've been doing around here to prepare for Bidou (WHO STILL REMAINS NAMELESS FLOG - Maybe I'll have to do a Name That Baby post!). But that'll have to wait until I figure out how to get this two-year-old to raise herself so that I have time to do things like write...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two and a HALF!

We put Lucy down for naps and nighttime in diapers. She can't make it through dry (although at this point she could probably do nap time dry, but she's too LAZY to get up quick enough to pee in the potty when she wakes up. LAZY.). Anyway, lately at night, she will piddle juuuuust the teeniest bit that she can squeeze into her diaper and then holler "I'VE GOT A WET DIAPER!" until we come and get her a new one. I've seriously been wracking my brain for ways to get her out of this super annoying habit. Well, the other night, she's screaming for a clean diaper, and I went into her room and said something MEAN like "Too bad, you're supposed to tell me when you have to go pee pee on the potty and your diaper should stay dry and now you have to sleep in it." and she was sad for a couple minutes, but then she quieted down and I assumed she fell asleep.

Here's you waiting for the punch line, right? Well, here it comes. half an hour later, she hollered for me quite plaintively saying she needs help... I go in and find that she had taken matters into her own hands - she took her jammies and (slightly piddled in) diaper off and was in the bed naked. Her next play was to piddle just enough in the bed so that I had to change all the sheets and wash all of her babies besides.

Joke's on me. Again.

Oh to be outsmarted by a two year old.

Two-and-a-HALF now, thankyouverymuch!

To celebrate her unbirthday, we went and got the girl a much needed haircut.

She's getting so big so fast.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Going On

I really don't have much to blog about; life is just life right now and we're living it and that's it.

The Bubba has been making lots of business trips and has otherwise been very busy with work. I think he said he logged 130-some hours on his last 2-week time sheet (without blinking one guy he works with chimed in, "I logged 155!"). Needless to say, there's a whole lot of calculations burning their way through those brains, and Lucy and I have been in straight-up survival mode.

This week's business trip was cancelled kind of spur of the moment, and I'm considering it a miracle straight from Heaven because the day or two after I was struck down with some sort of food poisoning/stomach virus that totally incapacitated me. I've never experienced such a thing at 31weeks pregnant, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. In fact, I found myself praying some of the same words I prayed when I was in labor - something like "I'm not asking You to take this away, but please give me the strength and grace to live through it!" There were contractions, and calls to the midwife, and I was scared we'd end up in the hospital for IV fluids, but things started righting themselves *enough* in my time frame to be able to avoid it. I didn't want to have to add that ordeal to the misery...

And of course I was sick and made us stay inside on the sunniest days we've had so far this year. We did make it to the park yesterday, but everyone and their nanny was there trying to soak up the last rays before another forecasted week of rain. I think I came home more tired out than Lucy did. Everyone assumes that Lucy's older than she is because she's so tall or so verbal, and it makes it hard when I have to constantly referee with her and other kids whose moms think she's a four year old like their kid and should be able to handle whatever situation is going on. Even I have to remind myself every so often: even if it seems like she gets something, she's not even TWO AND A HALF YET (in a couple more days, I can FINALLY say she's two-and-a-half)!

Um, and all of a sudden I'm 7 months pregnant?! How did that happen? Well, not the pregnancy of course ... the Time Warp, I mean? I feel like I was saying "I'm 5 months pregnant" yesterday. I lost month 6 somewhere. In all the surviving, I guess.

Welp, that's the news from these parts. It's about time for my nap.

I'll be sure to keep you updated with other scintillating details of my life as they come up.