Thursday, January 27, 2011


(At my commission meeting last night that I had to bring Lucy to)
Our parish priest: "I'm so glad you're here! Our secretary is leaving! Maybe you can write things down for us?"
Lucy (very proudly): "I brought my MARKERS"

(At same meeting)
Lady: My name is Cathy.
Lucy: Oh! Okay! Nice to MEET you!

(On the phone)
Grandma: Hand the phone to your Mommy.
Lucy: No. It's NOT Mommy's turn. Mommy doesn't get a turn right now.

(Cuddled in my bed with me after naps)
Lucy: Mmmm. I love you Mommy. You're a good, happy Mommy. *pause to give me a sweet hug and two kisses* Hey! I know! Let's go get some ice cream!

(At the library)
Lucy: Sometimes there are not good books and sometimes there are good books. I like the good ones best. They're better for reading and looking at.

My baby. She's not even two and a half yet -- two and a half going on twenty.


-R- said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Lisa said...

I like the cuddle one...she knows how to work it to get the ice cream!

Carrie said...

Love it! She's so funny!

Kate P said...

The quotable Lucy, hogging phone time with Grandma. What a riot.

Lindsay said...

She is too funny. Ah, what a lovely personality.