Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking the Part

A lady applauded me yesterday.

That's something for which I might be very proud. Except that she clapped and cheered because I was able to get up (rather gracefully I might say) from a crouching position in the vitamin aisle at Target. Says the lady "Wow! I'm surprised you can still do that!"

Proof positive! I've officially made it! I've made it to the part of pregnancy where total strangers are all of a sudden driven by some irresistible force to comment whether it be helpful or rude. The "Wow, that's a big baby," and the "You're a butterball!" But even the weirdness of people who fell compelled to talk to my STOMACH and maybe ask it questions like if it's being good to its mommy or if its mommy is singing to it (or READING IT THE BIBLE BECAUSE THE BABY CAN HEAR YOU ALREADY, YOU KNOW!). I smile politely. I make a kind comment. I walk away. I want to say "OMG, PLEASE STOP BEING SO WEIRD."

Another (older) lady, this time at Banana today while I was looking for a birthday present for the Bubba in the after-holiday super sales, said "It's funny that the styles today are all about tight-fitting clothes. Even for people like you!" while gesturing at my mid-section. I was wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. Way to make me feel like I was dressed like a hussy in skin-tight clothes, lady! I mean, really, we've come a fair way in maternity fashion from the muumuus that this lady might have had to wear if she had kids. And I say thank goodness! There's nothing cuter than skinny little legs sticking out from under a beach ball belly, amiright?

(And if I'm not, keep it to yourself, mmmmkay, because I like my delusion.)

Oh people. Why does pregnancy always become an "All Play" sort of game?


Carrie said...

Okay, first off, I laughed at the first point in this post because I almost made the same comment at the Children's Museum last week when you got something off the ground. I so gave up on picking things up in my last trimesters, but you still dive right in and go for it. And can pick small toys up without needing help getting up! That's seriously an accomplishment.

Secondly, you are totally adorable and the cutest pregnant person ever. You look great while gestating. :)

Morgan S. said...

I never have felt more exposed than when I was third trimester pregnant. I would walk around the streets of downtown Portland and be totally self conscious and paranoid because everyone knew exactly what was going on in my body....growing my sweet baby. Often, in my pregnant emotional state I felt like screaming "stop looking at my baby!!!!" You know, the one completely hidden inside me. Pregnancy is a weird time, yo. You are super cute and not whale-like at all, by the way! What vitamins were scoping out? I have the gummy vite hook up! Just let me know!

-R- said...

The woman who works at the cash register at the Chinese restaurant near my house said, "You're pregnant? You are so small! Last time you were so big!" And made this huge gesture to show how big I was last time. For some reason, she is the only person who can say something like that without it annoying me/hurting my feelings. Maybe because she was pregnant when I was last time, or maybe because I give her a lot of slack since her English isn't that great.

And I felt like Morgan S. did last time. Maybe in a few weeks I'll start feeling crazy like that again. =)

mona said...

I would have applauded you, too! Though in my head because I'm not a public clapper. :)