Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Photos: Winter Organizing

The week between Christmas and New Year was great. It was so nice to have the Bubba home, and we sat down together and made a huge list of Things To Get Done Around the House. I mean really, we've only lived here for 3 months, right? Why would we be organized? I just get pregnant-er and pregnant-er, and the Bubba gets busier and busier at work now that he's a Senior Engineer (YAY! Go, Bubba!).

So! Photographic evidence of what we've done around here lately:

Living room!

We finally moved that huge TV cabinet and put matching shelving in the corner of the living room. Despite the mish-mash of interesting things Lucy can reach and reorganize on those shelves, I love this.


Merry Christmas to us - we splurged on a cool bar table/set for our breakfast nook. It's so nice to have a place to sit in the kitchen now. And enjoy that cool little bay window where I put most of our greenery.

Lucy's Room!

Well, we (and by "we" I mean my handy Bubba) finally got around to putting up some curtains for Birdie instead my "creative" placement of blankets and whatnot before to make it dark enough for naps and covered enough for privacy in there. I also pulled the trigger on some bedding. I went with the monkeys - not because they were my favorite, but because I knew Birdie would like them best. And, oh, she does. She is so happy to cuddle in her "Monkey blankies!"

Extra bedroom!

It now has a BED! The futon is still in that room just in case, and I might eventually move it into the main part of the of the basement (which is a big, open playroom) for me and Baby Brother to lounge on while Lucy rides laps on her trike this spring. And this is where the TV cabinet ended up too. I figure it will do in place of a chest of drawers.

Master bedroom!

Nothing new in here, just reorganizing. It is now my favorite room in the house because it's all shiny clean and everything's in it's place. I guess you can't see in the pics, but the chair is right by the big window, and the bassinet/baby sleeper thingie will go where my nightstand currently is. The chair is my new favorite place to sit and read if I have a moment while Lucy naps.

After a hard day's work of being the model for all the pictures, Lucy helped me make chocolate crispy treats. I'll give you one guess as to who got to lick the spoon...


Lisa said...

I LOVE the living room shelving. Where did you get it??

Lizzie said...

Lisa - Ikea of course! God bless that place. We'd have about three sticks of furniture if not from there... :)

Elsha said...

Cutest chocolate mustache ever!

Carrie said...

The last time we went to IKEA with my parents they walked around and said over and over how much they wished such a place had existed when we were little, since they couldn't afford real furniture back then. IKEA rocks!

And the bassinet/sleeper thing is all packed up for you! Must arrange transfer soon!

L said...

Your daughter always looks so happy in all your pics. You guys must be doing something right!