Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of Practice

My mom came to visit for a couple weeks and all I did was sit around and relax. Oh, I'm not complaining! It was delicious.

But I didn't blog. Not that you were on tenterhooks - or even noticed, right?

Well, even so, I will entertain the idea that you are mildly interested in whatever's going on simply because you're still here and haven't clicked away yet...


Highlights from the visit:
  • I had a partner with whom to drive around and check out houses. WAY more fun with someone else. And Lucy got into it too: "Let's look at houses! That one's CUTE! Nice FLOWERS!" (Also, when did my child turn into a thirty-year-old realtor? I should give her some pumps and a string of pearls and put her to work.)
  • Lucy was basically spoiled rotten with attention and ice cream and whatever else her little heart desired.
  • The Bubba and I ran a 10k race in Snoqualmie and Lucy stayed home with Grandma. It was so nice. Lucy got some time with just Grammie, and the Bubba and I had a whole morning to have a fun race and the way there and back to talk and be friends.
  • I did some creative meal planning, and Llama played and entertained the needy Lu-Beast that emerges from 4:30-7, so we had awesome home made meals every single day. Like koefte in home made pitas with a side of tabbouleh. My mouth is still watering.
  • I took a nap almost every single day.
  • I now have to get Lucy an iPhone
  • We bought more Big Girl Unders and Lucy's a little more interested in potty training. I'm ALMOST ready to make the time commitment. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I got to go shopping and get haircuts relax and drink lemonade and laugh and have a marvelous time with my mommy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Shirts

Yesterday as I was putting away groceries and getting ready to make dinner, I opened the fridge to find something and swore under my breath. As you do, you know. I'm not even very sure why I did. Probably something absolutely vital to dinner that was the only ingredient I'd failed to buy at the grocery store. That happens more than I'd like to admit.

Later in the dinner preparation, I opened the fridge again, and Lucy was right behind me. She peeked around me at the shelves lined with newly purchased food and said very quietly something that sounded an awful lot like a curse. I was surprised, half because I wasn't sure she was anywhere around when I swore just before, and half because she was mimicking me so exactly down to the tone and volume of my voice!

I looked at her and said, "What? What did you say?" figuring that this was a good opportunity to explain that we don't say that word and Mommy was sorry and won't do it again. But then she looked up at me and she said "No shirts. No shirts inna fridge."

"Ah. Ah yes... Well. There are no shirts in the fridge, you're right."

And just like that I'm off the hook. Just because she misunderstood.

Time to take careful watch over my mouth, though. Next time I'm sure I won't be so lucky. That girl doesn't miss much.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Photos: Birthday Recap

Lucy was so thrilled with everything about her birthday party, I'm so glad I went ahead and threw one. I wasn't going to. I mean, I was weighing the work-to-benefit ratio and it almost tipped in the favor of too much bother. Especially since the Bubba was out of town the week prior to the party. But then I came to my senses. Friends coming over and sharing food and fun is NEVER too much of a bother! And Lucy's expression the whole day was something like this:

or this:

She was so excited to see all her little friends come over, and she had no idea there would be cupcakes or presents, so she was beside herself with excitement. It was definitely worth it.

Lucy asked for elephants and sprinkles. The cupcakes are just yellow cake with buttercream frosting, and the elephants (which Lucy "helped" me cut out) are these. Very yummy.

The next exciting thing is Grandma's visit next week! For the last, oh, 4 days or so, every morning Lucy makes a "train" with the dining room chairs and "rides to the airport to get Grandma."

"Choo, choo!"
(The dress is the "door to keep people safe.")

Next up? Lucy has her 3 year appointment this afternoon - I'll let you know how that goes. Then, a relaxing weekend, dim sum on Sunday with these girls (Eeeeee!) and getting ready for Grandma to come on Tuesday morning! Ready.....GO!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nothing to Read Here...

It's Wednesday already. We don't have a whole lot going on this week. Nothing INTERESTING, anyway. We've taken trips to the zoo, library, groceries. You know, the weekly things that make our family run right.

We're still running. We've got our 10k race in 10 days, and the training for that is bleh. I've given up on the track speed work. It's disappointing, but honestly it was making me too tired to deal with the daily grind, and that wasn't working for Lucy. And after all, she IS my first priority. I mean, I GUESS.

The Bubba has a deadline at work next Friday, so chances are I won't see him too much for the next few. He goes into work early, comes home late and brings work with him to do at the dining room table. It seriously cuts into my Complain to the Only Other Adult I See All Day time, but I guess it pays the bills!

Speaking of complaining, I've been doing more than my share lately. I blame children in general, Lucy in particular, and the molars therein to be even more specific. The whine-fest that is my daily grind can be ... um ... gosh ... whatstheword? ... sucky? BUT! I've made a promise to stop whining so much myself. And it helps. A little. At least I'm not so focused on the crud. Lucy and I have been counting our blessings at night, too. That helps. Lucy always thanks God for the zoo and the sandbox, and that's enough to melt my heart.

Oh! I also I got roped into a commission at church. I'm sure that will be some good Catholic gossip for the blog right there.

So! To sum up: Nothing going on around here, we're boring and dull. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


My darling Lu-bird,

It’s hard to believe that it was two whole years ago (and yet only two years ago!) that we met you for the first time. Right from that very first moment that we saw you we knew that the world was made just for the three of us.

Watching you grow and change has been the best part of my life so far. You have become such a fun and interesting and opinionated little person. And smart! You’re so smart sometimes I have to remind myself that you’re still just little. You know all the words to your favorite songs, and it’s really something to hear your five-minute version of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” as you loop verses and lose your place. It’s also amazing to hear you “read” yourself your books that I’ve read so many time you’ve committed them to memory - especially your Thomas the Tank Engine chapter book.

You catch on to things so quickly. One day we were talking about matching at the zoo, how the two zebras match, the two giraffes match, etc, and the next day you applied the same concept to helping me put the silverware away in the tray from the dishwasher. You blow be away with this kind of thing every single day.

My favorite by far, though is your laugh. You have developed such a great sense of humor. You call everyone “Bob!” and think it’s hysterical, or you’ll repeat funny words (POLENTA!) or phrases just to make us laugh.

Now that you have a big girl bed, another favorite part of my day is when you come to wake us up in the morning and crawl under the covers saying “Good morning, Daddy. Morning, Mommy.” with your sleepy wake-up voice while you steal my warm spot in the bed. That’s the start of the magpie report of everything you’ve been thinking about for the last few minutes that it took you to get from your bed to ours, and that brain dump continues all day until you fall asleep at night. There is never a question of what you’re wondering or thinking, or of your opinion on things.

I used to think it would be sad to watch you grow up and be less and less a part of me. I thought it would be hard for me when you wouldn’t want me to kiss and hug you all the time. The truth is, it’s so wonderful to watch you become such a beautiful little individual that my job just gets better and better. And the kisses that you give to me or ask for are ten times more meaningful to me than the kisses I used to take from you.

Happy birthday, my Sweet One. You are the joy of our lives and the pride of our hearts. Our greatest blessing. Your Daddy and I love you so very much.

Your Mama

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday photos: Around Town

A couple weekends ago we had a college friend in town and we took advantage of the good weather to get out and about around Seattle.

Checking out a nurse log at the Olympic Sculpture garden

Cuddles by the fountain

The three of us at Discovery Park

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toy House: Great Success!

The toy house is done! Lucy's birthday is on Saturday, so it's just in time.

And it didn't even turn into a big heap of regret! Here, I'll show you.

Lucy working on HER "project" while I work on mine.

All painted, ready for door/window trim and flooring!


The outside, completed. (Front, side that opens)

Hinged at the chimney, I have yet to put a latch over the tree, but when I do, it will be all the way done.

With only one little hammer casualty!

I ended up buying 90% of the furniture to go in the doll house. I just got frustrated with the small pieces I tried to make. They didn't turn out very nicely because I just don't have the tools needed, and that's not an investment I need to make at this point!

The oven and fridge I found acceptable enough.

I ended up spending about $40 on toy furniture and little dolls, and that bumped the total price tag for this project $65. A little more than I wanted to spend, but all in all? a very wise investment as far as the interior goes!

All ready to play!