Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 10

The potty was procured. The tiniest fanny in our family likes it. So much, in fact, that she's been throwing tantrums when I suggest we put a diaper back on her.

I had to have a little bit of a come-to-Jesus with myself today. "Self?" I asked, "Am I ready to enter into full-on potty training only partially knowing the dedication of time and energy involved?" And then I retorted "Well, what are me and Lucy doing all day anyway but hanging out and staring at each other?" But I came back with, "Do you have the emotional stamina to follow through?" To which I replied "SIGH. Lucy's ready. She tells me when she's going potty. Now *I* have to be ready. It's kind of my job to show her what to do from there." I think I won that argument.

Anyhoo, a certain little person ran around naked (see tantrum references above) for a good portion of the afternoon, had three little accidents, bent over double to see where these "accidents" were coming from, and had one success of pee-pee in the potty! She was super surprised and a little disturbed to see pee in the potty, but I started singing the Pee-pee in the pot-TAY! song and doing the corresponding jig. The mini marshmallow treat didn't hurt things either. For an hour after words she kept repeating "Potty. Treat. Yum-yum." and then very obviously nodding her head in fervent agreement with herself.

Lucy's been dreaming a lot lately. This morning she woke up sobbing saying "BANANA! YUM. YUMMY." Like she was having some very sad nightmare about me not giving her a banana. And just now a half hour after she fell asleep she started screaming "MAMA! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Which, you know, I'm really proud that her manners come out in her night terrors. Weird.

I don't know about you guys, but bedtime for Lu was always a sigh of relief for me. The end of a long day, some time to myself. But these days? I have to remind myself over and over that keeping Lucy up later is not doing her any favors. The evenings just seem to stretch on For. Ev. Er. until my bedtime. I've been a yarn-crafting fiend for the past week. I've been making Lucy some pretend food. At some point I'll post some pics. So cute.

That reminds me that I dropped and broke our camera the other day. Go me! FYI - if you are running to get the camera because your kid is doing something ridiculously cute at the moment, make sure you have a firm grip on it before you trip on your own slippers and watch it shatter on the kitchen tile.

Oh, and another PSA: Don't eat too much broccoli. I haven't been cooking too much lately, because cooking for one sucks and so do leftovers. So, I looked in the fridge yesterday and I had a head and a half of broccoli that needed to be cooked. So I did. And then I ate it. It was about, oh, three or four cups? Probably at least three cups too many. My intestines will never be the same. Ever. That is all.

Day 9

I made it to Mass this morning. And get this: Lucy was an ANGEL. I heard all the readings for the first time since .... having a baby? For the first twenty minutes she just sat in my lap with her head on my shoulder snuggling and looking around.

Lucy didn't, however, deign to nap today. She played happily in her crib for an hour, mostly because I needed a break to get some laundry and the dishes done. But it probably serves me right since she slept until 8am. Somehow it's totally magical to wake up before my child starts calling for me. Even if it's the same time she's regularly up, it just seems so RESTFUL to wake up on my own. Ahhh.

Then my Sunday work was cancelled and friends came over with dinner. Did you read that right? My friends came over and brought dinner with them. Maybe I'm just new to this but, woah. Dinner. At my house. That I didn't make. It was awesome. And they brought their 12 month old who had a blast playing chase around the house with Lucy. It was a fabulous day all in all.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to procure a potty chair that Lucy will actually find somewhat comfortable. The interest in going potty seems to be consistent. I've got to get my head out of my butt and help her out with that.

That's all the brain cells I have left. I feel like they have seriously depleted since the Bubba's departure. I tried to hold a conversation about something rational (and non-baby) today and found it to be impossible.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 8

I guess it's Saturday, huh? The day we usually do things and hang out and enjoy being together. Our fun day and errand day. Our family run day.

This morning in the time it took me to pee - and the bathroom is right off the kitchen 5 feet away from Lucy's chair, mind you - Lucy painted the table cloth with ketchup (the girl will no longer eat eggs without it) and then dumped her eggs all over the floor, balled up the table cloth and cloth napkins and threw them all over the floor. And of course, like all 5 star mothers, I walked in and said "Lucy! What's wrong with you?!"

But then the coffee pot beeped telling us that the nectar of life was ready for consumption, and Lucy said "Mama! Coffee!" Except her word for coffee sounds kind of like wyeahfee. And it made my heart warm a little bit and I liked her again.

She's pretty special and fun and amazing and I'm so lucky to be able to spend time with her and see all these subtle little changes and growths. Speaking of growth, I think she just sprouted a couple more centimeters, too. I'll have to measure her and see what happens. I have to remind myself that this is me being lucky, and not me having to survive something.

Oh, have I told you about the onset of complete sentences? On Thursday when we went to my friend's hobby farm, Lucy said, totally unprompted, "Goats are sleeping." And then yesterday she blew my mind with "Light is off. On. Pees." I mean look at that! Subjects! Verbs! Complete thoughts!

But then she climbed up on the chest in the living room to reach the books and knickknacks on the shelves she can't reach and she dumped them down. I'm tempted to just stop discipline all together for all the good it's doing. In fact, all that happens is that I get increasingly frustrated, and Lucy gets more and more insight on how to better and more effectively push my buttons in the future.

Ah! The duality of toddlers!

In awesomer news, I got a call from the Bubba this morning and he said that things are looking like he'll be home next Saturday. And the angels sang in their heavenly chorus. It can still change, but I'm ready for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here's the Bubba in front of his building:

According to the Bubba, the pic only shows about a third of the building's length.

The Bubba also said that when he's on site, he works with people from almost every country in the world. Well, actually he rattled off a list of the countries they're from and I don't even remember all of them because each person was from a different country. How cool is it that he gets to have this experience?!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Days 6 and 7

Hm. I missed a day. Maybe that's because I was so freaking tired that I fell asleep on top of the covers with all of my clothes on at 8:30. And it turns out that it was fortuitous that I did, because Lucy woke up at 1am sobbing for MyDada and wanted nothing to do with me. It took me a good couple hours to get her to calm down and sleep some more. Poor girl. I wish I could help her understand what's going on. Her weeping was just so pitiful and heart wrenching.

We went to the pool this morning. We went the very first time last week, and Lucy was sort of a 'fraidy cat. Not so this week! The girl was jumping from the side into the pool and letting her head go under and generally being really funny. She even tried "swimming" which involved squirming around under the water and letting her body float up while she supported herself with her hands. Unfortunately for me, she also got more adventurous in exploring outside the pool and thinks it's HILARIOUS to run away from me and not listen.

Tonight I have entertainment coming at 6:30 for dinner and general merrymaking, so tonight should be fun. (Shout out to Mike and Lisa! By the way, Mike, when Lucy is pretending to talk on the phone lately, she's ALWAYS talking to you!) I'm going to make chicken and broccoli alfredo from scratch. Mmmmmm. How I love carbs when they're paired with more carbs and fats.

If I have learned one thing in the past week, it's that the time I get to myself when the Bubba is around is AWESOME and I miss it. The time I get to myself this week SUCKS and usually involves cleaning up whatever meal we just finished and picking up toys and doing laundry. Well that and trying frantically to schedule something fun for us to do in the child's waking hours. And here I thought I didn't get out enough before. HA!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 5

Seriously? Aren't we on day 83 already? Because that's what it feels like.

I decided today that I would count on the Bubba being gone for the entire three weeks because if I let myself believe he'll be back on the 5th and then I get an update that it's going to be another week, smoke might come out of my ears and I might have to pay out the nose and send away for some very rare brain gasket that exploded. And we can't have that.

Here's something cheery for you:

Singing some songs

I got a couple of CDs out of the library for Lucy and she LOVES them. She's constantly asking for the "wahdio" and "mukic." There are a couple of key phrases she's picked up from them too. Like "yes, SIR!" and "la, la, la, la, lightbulb." It's pretty funny to hear her say "yes, SIR" when I ask if she would like some milk. Or to be going through the aisles in the grocery store and her humming and then come up with a word like lightbulb. She's just so big, and I can't believe she's my little baby!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 4

I can't believe it's only been four days and that I have many more of these things to go before my husband is back and my life gets back to normal.

Lucy refused to even go near the potty today. She would talk about the "METS!" every time I suggested it and "NOOOOO??" But she still let me know when it was time to poop. Ah well. Someday.

I'm exhausted and can't sleep well. I skipped an easy run today because I'm tired. I think I need to take care of myself in other ways right now, but then again, I sort of feel like that's a really easy cop out. But I AM tired.

So tired, in fact, that I just spent almost three hours sewing the crap out of the new project I've been obsessing over in order to keep from being lonely, and I just realized that for at least the last two of those hours I've been sewing the wrong freaking parts to the wrong other freaking parts. So frustrating. I have to take it all out, and now it's late and I'm super tired and I'm at the same point in my project as at a normal, healthy bedtime except now it's late and I'm going to be crabby tomorrow.


I got to talk to the Bubba this morning for a few minutes. And really, I should be counting my blessings because he started his day with a 7am meeting and called me as soon as he got back to the apartment (that he's sharing with a contractor from Lebanon named Ed) at 10:30 pm. That's a long ass day.

I didn't even take a picture of Lucy to post for my sweet hard working Bubba.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 3

Today started out awesome with a little sunshine and some playing with friends.

AND? She pooped on the potty today.

Victory couch dive!

Only I have to go get her a better potty. The one we have she hates and is always shifting her weight on. I didn't consider that when there's poop involved that might not be awesome. By the time she was done, the poop wasn't only in the potty and she was pretty freaked out about the "METS! BLEH!" Then baths were had by all.

But a first step is a first step, right?

It might have gone down hill from there. Lucy took a dive off a friend's sofa this morning and gave herself a pretty spectacular goose egg on her forehead. And then she proceeded to sleep for more than three hours. So, of course, I went in and woke her up to make sure the bonk on her head wasn't anything more serious.

Well, I shouldn't have bothered. She rolled out of the wrong side of the crib. She sobbed for about twenty minutes about everything. Shoes on to go outside? It might as well have been bamboo spikes shoved under her fingernails.

But I won't hold it against her.

She's pretty freaking cute.

That and she's sleeping now.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 2

Oh, how my mind tricks me into thinking I'll fail.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was hyper aware of every noise the house made and the cars made out on the street and Lucy made in her sleep. Every little sound caused a jolt of adrenaline to go up my spine and then I had to take some time to come down before I could go back to sleep. The wine didn't even help with anything except being confused over where I was when I woke up on the Bubba's side of the bed and the room looked all weird from that angle.

I woke up with Lucy and debated the schedule for the day. I made breakfast. We went for a run. But all through, the tears were just a blink away. The day seemed so long and I didn't know when the Bubba would get to Doha, or whether I'd get to talk to him.

I also didn't go to church this morning. Partly because I wasn't sure I would actually get anything out of it having to deal with a spider monkey all on my own, partly because I wasn't sure I wanted to subject the rest of the congregation to that, and partly because I was so tired and just figured it would suck so bad that it wasn't worth it. Well, that and I wanted her to nap at a time that is not her regular nap time in order for the afternoon to go smoothly.

Way to overplan, Lizzie. I dropped Lu off with friends this afternoon while I went to work and after a minor meltdown, it was all fun and games, PLUS I had a fabulous session at work. And I got to talk to the Bubba who was groggy from lack of sleep and nervous about way-too-soon morning meeting.

So day two was ok, and we've got a really full week ahead of us. I'm hoping it'll fly by.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 1

The Bubba left this morning at 11:30.

I was just fine until we kissed goodbye at the airport. Lucy has been glued to her daddy for the past few days wanting nothing to do with me and only Daddy all the time. Daddy at bedtime. Daddy at meals. Do you want to throw the ball to Mommy? Noooooo! To Daddy! I got Lucy out of the car to give the Bubba one last cuddle, and she refused to let me put her back in the car clinging to Daddy with one had and patting his back with the other in her little lovey way. The Bubba strapped her back in the car and gave me a kiss and hug, and I lost it.

I had tried so damn hard to keep it cool. He doesn't need to worry about my mental stability while he's stressed about traveling and working abroad for three whole weeks! But it all caught up to me. And it was all so concrete. So real. At the airport. Goodbye. Until two weeks? Three? Too long.

The afternoon went by fairly quickly even though Lucy asked for Daddy every two to three minutes. On the plus side, "Qatar" is now in her vocabulary as a hyphenated word with "work" in reference to Daddy. And some friends came over for make-your-own pizzas tonight, so I had some wine and some distraction. Which was nice.

Even though today was fine, I don't know what tomorrow will be like. I have to work. I'm leaving Lu with Maggie and her brood, so I know that even if she throws a fit, it shouldn't be too long-lasting with fun kids to play with. At least I hope. We'll see how it goes. I'll probably be writing about day 2 and I'll be wondering why I was worrying so much. Let's hope anyway.

Right now it seems that I'm just procrastinating going to my cold bed.
Must face it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Disjointed Thoughts for a Thursday

Because I am not able to think too clearly about any one thing for any length of time today.

1. Lu and I went to check out a community center pool today. It was awesome. There's a huge toddler area with little fountains and beach balls and pool noodles and watering cans. Lucy could have poured a bowl of water into the watering can and vice versa all the day long. We ended up staying for about an hour and a half before my pruney baby was too tired to play anymore. I consider it a huge score. It's not free, but I definitely think it's worth a twice-a-month time slot. If not for the morning that zooms by, definitely for the monster nap afterwards.

2. I'm going to spend this monster nap time munching my lunch, organizing the bills, and folding laundry. Talk about big fun.

3. Do you want to know what I'm having for lunch? Salad with bell peppers and sunflower kernels. Nuts in a salad is hugely underrated. I might even go so far as to say that it's a yummy treat. Dried pineapple for dessert. And that's because I have to go for my run yet today. It's only 2.5 miles, so easy peasy, but I know if I had the delicious Swedish meatballs leftover from last night I would probably start belching it up by block number two.

4. While we're on the subject of food, I put chicken cacciatore in the crock pot for dinner tonight. There's something magical about putting random things in a bowl at lunchtime and having yummy dinner ready for you in the evening, and all the cooking dishes already done.

5. Lucy now tells me when she has too - slash- is currently going "Poh-poos." Is there some way to translate this into sitting on the potty for more than a millisecond at a time and downloading in there? When she tells me, I will suggest the potty, and (if she acquiesces) we go in the bathroom, sit down, maybe read a book, and she's done. Then as soon as the diaper is back on, she lets me know she has "Poh-poos. On." and asks for a diaper change. The girl isn't even 18 months old yet, so I'm not worried about it by any means, but if she's making the connection of feeling like she has to go, I certainly wouldn't mind channeling that into a mess I can dump from potty to toilet instead of having to scrape it off her behind and off the cloth diaper.

6. There's a class I want to go to at church tonight. On the other hand I only have two more evenings with my husband before he takes off for a few weeks. What to do?

7. That reminds me that Lucy started calling the Bubba "My Dada." It's super duper cute. We've picked him up from work a couple times this week, and before we leave and the whole way to the Bubba's office she says "MyeeeDada. Wouk. Mwah!" Translated to mean "We're going to get Dada from work and give him a kiss." So sweet!

8. That's all I've got.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wheeeee! Wait... What?

On Tuesday, the Bubba's boss said he would like us to consider Bubba going to check on some issues in the project he's working on. In Qatar. For two to three weeks. Leaving Saturday. In the moment, I answered without a pause that if he feels equal to it that we'd make it work, and how exciting for him!

The long story is that someone else could have been sent, but the boss-man made it clear he'd like my Bubba to go. That vote of confidence is reason enough to seriously consider it, and besides that, what an experience for the Bubba! While in Qatar, he could just "swing by" and see the Burj Dubai. And visit his former boss who's in Abu Dhabi. So exciting! I want to go!

But now that the ticket is purchased and the dates are set?...

Deep breath. In..... Out.....

What in the great wide world am I going to do with myself and Lucy for two to three weeks without my Bubba?! I thought of going back to the W-I, but it's cold there. And everyone I know either works or is in school. And I wouldn't have the community centers or play groups that I have here. And getting Lucy on a whole new schedule and sleeping in a whole new place? Ugh. Just no thank you. Staying here sounds better and better when I go through that list.

Well, I guess I start with a list of single friends who would want to spend the night at my house. And then I move on to mommies in town that will let me crash their house every other day or so. And then maybe people who will want to let me eat dinner at their places a couple days a week. And stock the fridge with ice cream and brownies?

Hm, well that makes me think that I won't be cooking as much. So that means it might be easier to stick to the fueling-the-runner diet, since I can make a big batch of veggie soup or toss a just-add-dressing ginormous salad to keep in the fridge. And I can concentrate on just getting the first couple weeks of my training out of the way.


I think I might be nervous about this.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back To It

I'm doing all I can to get back to some sort of life routine.

My mama left on Saturday, and then the child started melting down at every turn: "Where is my undivided attention?! Why don't I have an iPhone?!?! WHERE'S GRAMMA?"

That girl. She's just really something today. She'll squeeze the spout of her no-spill sippy cup so that the milk flows freely into a puddle on the floor or grab something she's not supposed to have and run! with it. And then she'll ask for a kiss, "count" the freckles on my chest and pet my cheek while crooning "niiice". I guess I have to remember that this transition is just as hard/harder on her.

I also need to start running and training back up at full tilt, and I'm just dreading this whole week. The oxymoronic part is that I know that if I just get into it, it'll get done and I'll feel so good about it. It's just the doing it that hurts. So you know what I did? I made myself a chart and got out the gold stars. Grade school style, people. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Here we go, Monday. Try not to be too hard on me, ok?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Photos: Already?

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has flown by in a whirl of cooking and cleaning and eating and laughing.

Grandma and Lucy and the new puzzle

Enjoying a creme puff one fingerful of custard at a time

"Grandma, I want an iPhone for Christmas."
It took Lucy mere moments to figure out how to scroll through pictures.

The Bubba's birthday: lemon meringue and presents decorated by Lucy

Blowing out the candles on Lucy's new birthday cake toy.

Joyfully pouring tea and putting the candles on the cake at her brand new table.

Grandma sure does spoil us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bon Appetit!

All the thinking I've been doing lately about fueling my running machine with good, nutritious food has been put on hold in favor of doing more thinking about cooking.

My mom showed up last week with Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking for me. And I think I'm in love. I think you might know that I'm a first-rate francophile, and French cuisine is definitely not the lowest on my list of favorite things.

We watched the movie Julie & Julia too. Have you seen this? If you haven't I heartily recommend you get thee to the nearest rental movie establishment and partake, because, LOVE. Love, love, love, love LOVE. Merryl Streep knocked it out of the park playing Julia. And it was funny and endearing and just really very good.

Anyway, we watched that movie and made Julia's boeuf bourguignon - because how could we not? It was every single bit as good as all the eye-rolling-in-the-back-of-your-head parts of the movie. And today we made cream puffs. CREAM PUFFS. And they taste like my friend Mijo's! (Mijo - I don't pretend to be anywhere near the magician you are in the kitchen!)

Tomorrow is the Bubba's birthday and all I can think is: the Reine de Saba chocolate almond cake? Or maybe the raspberry souffle from the movie? And Coq au Vin for dinner? Puffed canapes?

My pants are getting tighter just writing this.

Next week: think about the runners diet I put on hold and then, you know, actual running.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cough

Is there anything more pathetic than a toddler with a cough? Especially when it's wet and at the end she gags on the drainage? (TMI? Sorry.)

And then looks at you like you somehow caused/could have prevented this?

Oh, and she wakes up thirteen million times a night coughing and then sadly moaning for Mama.

Oh, and when Mama goes into her room, she quietly and sadly says, "Up, please, Mama." Or "Hold you, please."

So then Mama ends up holding her upright in the chair or walking around the kitchen for a good couple hours a night. Or laying in her crib with her trying for the love of all that is good and holy to get her to lay her head back down.


Needless to say we haven't gotten much sleep in the past few nights. My poor mom visiting from Wisconsin this week has been asking me how often this happens. And not entirely believing me when I say, "Um, not often."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Photos: Catch Up

The plague has made its way into my house this week. Lucy and I have been fighting it since Wednesday, but the prognosis looks good today. I have enough energy to disinfect the house for our company coming, and the Bubba hasn't caught it (knock on wood).

Some of these pics are from a week or two ago, but whatever - you don't know the difference, right?

Modeling Mama's hat. Sometimes when she wears
an expression like this I can totally imagine her as an older kid or an adult.

Baby's first French braids.

Oh, don't mind me, I'll just help myself to a little snack.

Out walking along the trail on a drizzly New Year's Day


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Sweating

I've gotten to the point in my running routine where I run 3-4 miles 4-5 times a week. Good, right? I'm wicked proud of my consistency.

This week, I got shin splints for the first time in my life. And I've decided after some contemplation that thy are evil. The frueeeets of the deveeeeeil even. I should have retired my running shoes before this happened, but I really am a novice at this whole "fitness" thing - I ran my very first step EVER February of last year when I started the Couch to 5k program. I had no idea that running on broken down shoes could result in so much pain. Mark one down for the learning process.

My plan is to get back on the horse around Saturday at the soonest and do a lot of sitting and elevating and icing my poor shin in the meanwhile. It's a good enough excuse to sit on my derriere. All right, MAYBE I'll break out some Jillian Michaels and do low-impact modifications (but I wouldn't count on it).

Any clown can put on runners and hurt themselves. That's just hurting yourself, though. This is a SPORTS injury. ATHLETES get sports injuries. That's right. I'm an athlete. I have trouble writing that without a sarcastic snort. But! I'm comfortable running a distance I never thought possible, and even more than that, my time is getting shorter, my gate is more comfortable, in short, I'm IMPROVING at this running thing.

And do you know what else? I LIKE it (gasp). Running feels good. Even when I'm out there. I like the way I can feel my muscles warm up and get in the rhythm of carrying me along. I like the feeling of pushing myself. And even though I like it, let's be perfectly honest, the best part is how I feel when I'm done.

So whee! I'm obviously awesome, right? Sunshine and flowers and rainbows and kicking ass! Right? So I get a little bit cocky and sign up for a half-marathon in June.

And subsequently crap my pants.

13.1 miles of hills -HILLS! - is a far cry from a leisurely 3-4 mile jog on the mostly flat trail. I think that I can do it. (Go positive thinking!) But it means starting now. I've already got nervous tummy about it and I don't see any end to that nervous tummy until June. One of the 1/2 marathon tips that I've read said something to the effect of "think of it as a 10 mile run with a 5k at the end!" And I'm all "AH! Cinch!" *sarcastic snap*

Now I really do have to be an athlete. I have to watch my eating so that my runs are more efficient. I have to take good care of my body so I don't get any injuries adding milage. It's SO MUCH PRESSURE!

The diet portion of this, I think might be a different post, but it's a brand-new feeling to re-examine my nutrition not from a weight-loss point of view, but from a fuel-for-a-running-machine point of view.

My money is invested (another thing I learned: marathon and 1/2 marathon fees are expensive!) and there's no backing out. I'll start the actual training program in March, but until then, I am on the lookout for some 10k's to run, and getting my body into the best possible shape.

Talk about a challenge...

Monday, January 4, 2010


After ten days of vacation with the Bubba just sitting around doing nothing special, I forgot how lonely being a SAHM can be.

The beginning of the vacation was kind of stressful. Not because we were doing stuff, but because we were doing nothing. The Bubba doesn't do nothing very well. I might even go so far as to say that he was depressed for the first day or two because he buried himself in two novels in a row, silently reading between bouts of moaning "I feel sad, like I should be DOING something that I'm not remembering to do." To which I, of course, replied, "I would be HAPPY to make you a Honey Do list." He politely turned my offer down.

I was ready for him to go back to work pretty much right then. I felt like I was doing twice the work with taking care of Lu AND the Bubba. But after that first few days, he got the hang of it, and spent some energy picking up after himself and being helpful with the laundry and meals.

But I knew it was time to get back into my own routine when I found a leftover baked potato in a plastic container tucked neatly inside the other plastics in the cupboard. Well, that and I didn't recognize anything in the fridge. Am I the only person who is absolutely lost when it comes to dinners unless I do the marketing myself? I was thinking this morning whether I had to get anything out of the freezer for dinner and I had NO IDEA.

Truth be told, I'm looking forward to getting back to routine, to regularly scheduled naps and strictly observed bedtimes. We just all work so much better when a certain shorty sleeps well. But the Bubba did help with laundry while he was home. And the dishes. And entertaining Lucy while I went for runs by myself and showered. And now I have to do my job again too.

Sigh. The pouring rain doesn't help. Nor does the crappy talk radio this morning. Blah, blah, blah, predictions for the coming decade, blah, blah, blah. Seriously someone called in and said something about President Megatron. I felt like I was in that movie Idiocracy. And I thought NPR listeners were supposed to be some degree more intelligent than your average bear.

I guess I'll go get dressed and figure out what we're going to do to keep ourselves occupied today. Cleaning the living room and putting away all the Christmas decorations is on the list.

Big fun up in here, people.

Welcome back to real life.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year

So they tell me it's 2010 now!

We didn't end up staying awake until midnight last night. It's been at LEAST three years since that happened. We're so thrilling. (Wanna be friends?)

Also, did you know that I met my sweet Bubba at a small gathering of friends six years ago last night? It's true. And happily ever after blah, blah, blah. A bit of Lizzie trivia for you there.

I don't usually make resolutions for the New Year. I barely even reflect on the ups and downs of the previous year. I guess I just don't take the time to. And also I'm lazy.

This next year, though? It's going to be something.

First, the Bubba and I are going to buy a car. And thus begins the car buying anxiety. What do we like? What do we hate? How much can we afford? Buy or lease? You all are probably very practical and had cars to suit your family situations before they became critical. We, however, are still driving around in a two-door Honda Civic. Which we do own. But really. Two doors with an infant seat? Not awesome. Also? Our new car has to fit at least one more huge-ass infant seat in the back. (NO, we are not pregnant right now. Just expect to have this car for a while.)

Second, I signed up to run a half-marathon in June. Five and a half months from now, I will force my body to run 13.1 miles. This is a post onto itself, so for now I'll just say, HOLY CRAP. And I'm pretty sure I can do it.

Third, we will probably move this year. Just to another rental house around these parts. Our plan is to rent a house that's a little bit nicer for the next few years until we can think about buying. Things we're looking for in a different house that we don't currently have: heat in every room (novel!), electrical outlets that are not from the dawn of time and make us nervous about electrical fires (crazy!), laundry that isn't in the garage that I don't have to go outside to access. So high-maintenance.

This year I'll have a one and a half year old. And then a two year old. I imagine we're going to enjoy some hiking this year that we don't have to cram in the minutes between a first or second nap. We might even try camping as a family! Hooo, boy, I don't even know what I think about that just yet. This year we're going to travel to Wisconsin to visit family and Lucy will actually be able to play with and enjoy her cousins. This year I'll be married to the love of my life for 5 years.

This year is going to kick butt.