Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So That Was Christmas...

I have been seriously lacking in the blogging inspiration department. I think this little boy fetus started living off of my brain cells and the two that I have left to rub together just don't make any sparks. He better be wicked smaht, this kid.

He better have a huge 'fro of hair too, because I've had really bad heartburn already and I have three more months to go. This kid might get more "Do you realize what you put me through?" lectures than Lucy ever does. Start pitying him now.

But! I digress. I sat down to tell you about our Christmas.

You're on tenterhooks, I know.

Bubba and Lucy's stockings and the mitten Advent calendar I made this year.

It was just the Bubba and Lucy and me for Christmas this year. And we're the adults in charge of "making" Christmas. Except we're lazy. There's something weird about Christmas when it doesn't feel very Christmassy. Obviously like we're missing something, but also a little bit like we're getting away with something. We don't have to do anything if we don't want to. It's a strange mixture of regret and freedom.

We did get a real tree this year! Smells so good!

The Bubba and I talked this year about what kind of traditions we should get it together enough to provide for Lucy. And pretty much we didn't come up with much this year. Good thing Lu doesn't care yet. But we did decide to be a "Christmas Eve Family," I think. His family read the Christmas story and opened gifts on the eve which left Christmas day to small stocking gifts, church, and big family meals. In my family, we opened gifts Christmas day and it was always a struggle with logistics of opening, church, meal, etc.

First present of the year, cutest pattern evah!
Lucy's version: "Roodaaaf the raindeeeer wif a reeeed nooose!"
in some ambiguous tune.

The Bubba had the 24th off work and after a hearty Bubba-made breakfast of egg nog waffles, we all retired to the living room to sit around the tree, us with our coffee, Lucy with her choo-choo trains. Since we had plans for that night, and since Lucy kept asking if it was "Christmastime yet" while predatorily eyeing the brightly wrapped gifts under the tree, we told her she could open one gift while we were sitting around sipping coffee and feeling full and merry. She was thrilled. She grabbed a gift and shook it saying "What IS it? It's a SURPRISE! FOR ME!" And jumped up and down. If I could bottle up that joy I wouldn't hesitate. It was so magical. I don't even remember what she opened first, but she played quietly with it for an hour or two and the Bubba and I tucked into our trashy vacation novels on the couch and everyone was happy.

Art supplies! SCORE!

After that hour or two, Lucy suggested "Can we open ANOTHUH pwesent? How 'bout THIS pwetty pwesent suhpwise for ME?" and we were soft with the contentment that sugary food and caffeine and a lazy morning reading can bring and acquiesced. And so the tone was set for our Christmas Eve day. Every few hours Lucy would pick a gift to open and then she would disappear to play with it. She had a blast, no one was overwhelmed, it was no less than ideal.

Christmas Eve evening, we went for dinner at some dear friends' and had a delicious meal of broiled mussels and braised beef ribs and carrots and potatoes and cappuccino cheesecake. Our friends have a daughter exactly a year younger than Lucy, so they had fun chasing and stealing toys from each other for a couple hours while we enjoyed our meal.

2010 party outfit of choice

We've obviously been talking a lot about Baby Jesus around here with Lucy and trying to explain in two-year-old terms what Christmas is. It's really something to witness her grappling with some great big concepts. The other day in the car, Lucy said, "Baby Jesus was born?" And we said "Yep, isn't that AWESOME? He came to show us how to love each other!" And she was quiet for a second and added "Baby Jesus is coming in the springtime?" And were said "Um, no, that's Baby Brother that's coming in the spring." Ah, the literal mind of a two-year old processing concepts that she can not see or fully grasp.

We went to 10 am Mass Christmas morning and were happy to see the addition of Baby Jesus to the manger scene. After that we were the laziest bumps on logs that you ever would hope to meet. Lucy and I took a nap and the Bubba read his book. After our snooze, we took care of the two gifts Lucy still had to unwrap under the tree that we hadn't gotten to yet.

Get this: WE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE A CHRISTMAS DINNER. I had a nice roasting chicken in the fridge and ingredients for our favorite stuffing, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, etc. But we had leftover this and that scrounging around in the fridge and cabinets for something to throw together. LAZY! We ended up with leftover mussels over pasta with a sauce of garlic and heavy cream. It was altogether delicious and took 20 minutes of our attention.

One can never have too much orange in one's wardrobe, don't you agree?

And that was our Christmas.


(Now to wean the girl off of Christmas Carols...)


Carrie said...

Lucy's hat is TOO cute! Sounds like a lovely Christmas- enjoy your time with the hubby home this week!

Annie said...

1. "wicked smart" = awesome.
2. LOVE the mittens. I've really enjoyed following along with everyone's Advent observations this year, and am forever on the lookout for a good Advent calendar. This is the cutest one yet. I should have known to expect greatness from you in this department. Also, mittens + stockings together is adorable.
3. Speaking of greatness. And adorableness: Lucy in that hat! Enough said.

Sounds like you guys had a lovely Christmas. What a blessing.

Kate P said...

Oh my gosh, the Rudolph hat. How cool! How cute!

Glad to hear it was a wonderful time with the family.