Monday, December 13, 2010

New Day

Today we went to the zoo. I had sugar cookie batter chilled and cookie cutters at the ready, but then I looked out the window. It's warmish and sunny! A last minute change of plans, and we were watching the orangutan eating broccoli and kale for lunch.

Go me! Being Flexible and Fun Mom!

I let Lucy do whatever she wanted and take however long she wanted to take doing it. She picked up a stick and poked it in every hole and crevice in the whole zoo. She climbed up on some slimy wet wood fences to see the elephants. She knocked on the window of the meerkats. She got filthy. I chose not to care. Now she's in her bed humming Silent Night while she winds down for a snooze, which I find to be beyond precious.

I need more mornings like this.

And to think! It's a choice I make! Silly me, getting all caught up in the What I Want instead of the What I Need To Do. Some days I don't like my job. It's thankless. It's challenging physically and emotionally. A lot of times it's boring and repetitive and messy and frustrating. That makes me crabby. But! That's when I take for granted how lucky I am to have a kid who is growing and learning and how I get to be an integral part of that process every day. And when her (many, diverse) needs are met, she's actually pretty great.

I read this post today too. It's amazing. I'm going to try not raising my voice. Really try. The rest of Advent, I'm going to focus on choosing Joy. That means (among other things) making sure my job is done well. And that means making sure my girl's needs are my first priority instead of a crabby afterthought. It helps to have some focus.

We all work a little better like that.


april said...

I too have been trying very hard not to raise my voice. I have found that if I punctuate my (every) sentence with "sweetheart" it's much much easier to not yell, or even say things through clenched threatening teeth which is also my way. It sounds ridiculous to scream "Go to your freaking room, sweetheart!" ... and therefore it helps. It also seems to give me a little more patience when dealing with the 8 million "mommy"s in a row when I say what and there's nothing at the end of the sentence.

Good luck!

Kate P said...

Merry Christmas to you & the family, Lizzie!