Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Your Guess?

I'm waiting on some photos to be able to show you Lucy in her Wookie-ness on Halloween (you could see one here) - maybe tomorrow.

So! Instead let's play a round of What's Your Guess? (I am not above copying R and Jess.)

Our "big" ultrasound is Monday morning and I am so excited. I feel like I'm way more excited to find out this time than I was last time. I guess I just really want to know if Lucy's going to have a brother or a sister. On the one hand, we have all kinds of girl stuff, and we wouldn't have to buy anything new! On the other hand, it'd be fun to have a boy around too! Lucy could have a sister to steal clothes and makeup! Or a brother to monkey around with! I have to know! Also, we haven't had an ultrasound yet - just doppler heart beats - so I'm just really looking forward to SEEING this active little soccer player.

Ok, so here's some info upon which to base your guesses:

Old wives' tales say that if you're carrying high it's a girl, low it's a boy. It seems to me I'm big in the middle-ish-to-lowish general area.
17ish weeks

Old wives will say that a fetal heart rate above 140 means girl, below means boy. My midwife tells me Bidou's heartrate is on the low side of 140.

Old wives' tales say that morning sickness means a girl because of the double-up on female hormones. I was SO SO SICK from about week 5-9 with Bidou. But I was never sick a single day with Lucy.

Old wives will say that craving sweet means a girl, savory means a boy. I have never wanted more spinach-feta salad or apples before in my life. Oh and potato chips. Normally I don't even LIKE potato chips.

Old wives' tales say that if the husband gains weight, a girl is on the way. Um, have any of you ever seen my husband? The Bubba can merely *think* about going for a run and drop 15 pounds that no one knew were extra. I don't think the man is capable of gaining any sort of substantial weight.

Old wives will say that if a mom has better skin during pregnancy, a boy is cooking, but if mom gets acne it's a girl. I've had no trouble with acne at all. I can't remember for sure if I did with Lucy or not, but I don't think so.

And what about the Chinese birth calendar? That says this baby is a boy. It predicted a girl when I was pregnant with Lucy.

Oh! And one more thing in the interest of full disclosure. The Bubba's brothers tend to be girl-daddies on the whole. Of his four brothers that have - or are soon to have - a total of nine kids, only two are boys.

So what do you think? Monday night will be the Big Reveal!


Carrie said...

My pregnancies were identical and my kids are different gender, so I don't go for the old wives tales too much. And I'm saying boy for this baby for you. :)

april said...

I'll say boy too - I have two boys, similar pregnancies, and the old wives tales were generally on the money for us.

Annie said...

My doctor always used to weigh in on the gender after he'd measure the heartbeat. "it's a girl this month," he'd say. During my pregnancy with Nate, after his comment, I reminded him that he said that last time...and the time before. (As you know, we have 3 boys). "well," he said "I'm right about 50% of the time." Ha!

Elsha said...

I vote boy. I'm excited for you to find out!

Anonymous said...

I am going to say BOY!!! Either way, it is so exciting! Cant wait to hear.

-R- said...

I was going to vote boy, but since every other person has guessed boy- no, I will still guess boy!

Kate P said...

I can't decide--but can't wait to find out!

Just Me said...
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Lisa said...

Ooohh...can't wait for the reveal! I'm guessing boy, just because.