Monday, November 22, 2010

Things of Note

1) Yesterday, the Bubba suggested spur-of-the-moment that we take a family photo on our front steps. 13 minutes later I was ordering our Christmas cards with that picture on it. It was that easy this year. Everyone was looking at the camera AND smiling, the background was normal, we looked like we were together... In short, the stars were aligned.

2) I had another midwife checkup today. Bidou's heart rate is in the 150s, I'm measuring at least a week big, but from the ultrasound and other measurements he seems to be a big, long baby. The midwife was very glad that I had done research on EIFs and didn't get stuck in freak-out mode (this is a different midwife from the one I had the original conversation with). She said she HATES telling people about them when everything else is normal because they are not an indication of anything. And she also said she's seen a lot of these in her time as a midwife. So that's encouraging too.

3) It's snowing. We beat Wisconsin for snowfall so far this year.

Lucy is in absolute awe. She'll say "There are SNOWFLAKES, Mommy! They're BLOWING! They're COLD on my hands!" And she spent a good part of the morning just putting her boot prints in the accumulation. It's so fun to see this through her eyes now that she can really understand and experience it this year. Plus it's starting to feel a whole lot more like the holidays are moments away with snow outside the window.

Those are about the only fun parts, though. Seattle drivers turn PSYCHO with the littlest hint of a snow cloud on the horizon. Plus, the roads are starting to get slushy-ish and it's supposed to get much colder, which doesn't bode well for a city with two (brand new! As of last Snowpocolypse!) salt trucks and a handful of plows. Needless to say, I got all my errands done early and will be riding out the rest of the day in front of my fireplace with a cup of tea and my toddler and a book. Hopefully the Bubba will be able to get home from work on some snow-routed bus...


Carrie said...

My kids keep begging to go outside in the snow- but every time we're at a point that we can go out, it's not snowing. Hopefully we'll make it out soon, and the cold wont make their runny noses worse :)

Glad you got to have another ultrasound and that things look good!

Kate P said...

I think the weather might have aligned, too! It looks pretty.