Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Days

Things we've been doing to combat Snopocolypse 2010 Cabin Fever:

1) We've been doing art projects:

The idea of the Thankful Tree has been making its way around my group of internet mommy friends, and I thought Lucy might be able to understand it a little bit. I figured it was at least worth a try. I needn't have worried. Lucy came up with a huge list of things that she's thankful for including:
(her friend) Frances
Chocolate cookies
Our family

She had So. Much. Fun. coloring and cutting and pasting and listing and drawing and tracing. I was thinking it was a good 45 minute project. Lucy made it last almost twice that with her intricate tracing of all the letters I made and trying to cut leaves out with her zebra striped safety scissors.

When we hung it on the wall, the first thing she wanted to do was show grandma. And then the second thing she wanted to do was call daddy and ask him to come home and see this "beautiful, beautiful art project" and play with her. It seems she's growing out of the terrible part of the Twos a little bit and I'm loving this thoughtful, sweet, imaginative girl that's developing.

2) We've been braving the cold and playing in the snow!

If Lucy could just be outside poking things with a stick for the rest of her life, she'd die a happy girl.

Also, when the heck is the last time I had to scrape a walkway or driveway? I was living in the Midwest Tundra, I'm sure. Hard work, that. The mailman better be appreciative that he won't slip and break his neck on MY sidewalk.

Of all the snow in the yard, she found this little patch of snow and ice in our alleyway more interesting. I think maybe it had to do with the leaves frozen in a layer of ice. Either way, I was hopping from foot to foot impatient to get back in the warmth while she was obliviously involved with whatever exploring she was doing.

And to the explorer is sure to come new discoveries: her first taste of hot chocolate and marshmallows. As you can tell, she was thrilled in a WHY-have-you-never-given-me-this-BEFORE?! sort of way.

The snow should disappear tomorrow with 40 degree temps and some rain. As much of a pain it is to get snow in Seattle, I'm glad we took advantage of the winter-ness of it. It sure does feel like the holidays. Next up! Thanksgiving tomorrow with friends and a nice long weekend of relaxing. Heaven.

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