Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Other Things

Thank all of you for your kind words for us. It feels a little like we're putting on a brave face, but really, we're choosing not to worry. As my mama reminded me, God never gives us more than we can handle - and he's never let me down yet. So there's that.

Is it too late to post pictures of Halloween? I'm going to pretend it wasn't over two weeks ago and that it's not too late. Especially because I'm pretty sure you need to see pics of a two-year-old Wookie.

Practicing her Wookie speak "Wrrrrraaaaaahhhh"
We taught her to say that instead of "Trick-or-Treat."
Two-year-olds can be so much fun like that.

Action shot - If only she had a blaster or a cross bow...
But no, she was just running through crunchy leaves.

The post-Trick-or-Treating comparing/eating of the booty!
I had a much easier time giving Lu a snack pack of fruit snacks
than a fun-sized Snickers. That said, Mama likes the Snickers.
Everybody wins. (Also, aren't JacknMollyMoo the CUTEST?)

Costume idea shamelessly stolen from my friend Shelby
who also swallowed a Jack-o-lantern this year.
(Side note: I can't believe that was only two weeks ago;
Bidou must have grown, because I'm pretty sure I'm twice that now.)

Oh, did I tell you that the Bubba was Princess Leia? No? That's because I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE OF IT. I made him a "hair" hat to wear, and I have to say it was quite amusing. Alas, no evidence has survived because he wasn't a huge fan of "being the joke." Whatever.

A fun time was had by all.

I'm already brainstorming next year's costume's theme!


Carrie said...

Cute pictures of everyone!

Shelby said...

Aaugghhh! I love it! Cutest and easiest pregnant-lady costume ever! You look adorable, and so does Lucy!

Elsha said...

Cutest wookie ever!

Lisa said...

Cutest two-year-old wookie I've ever seen. As an aside, I have friends who adopted an infant with Down Syndrome. They never intended to do that, but when the agency called them and told them there was a baby who needed a family, they felt pulled. And they are the happiest parents of the sweetest little two-year-old. They know there will be challenges, but they are a part of a growing Down Syndrome support community in our area and they really feel like it is a large family. I doubt that your u/s "blip" will turn out to be anything, but if it does, I'm SURE you'll be fine.

Annie said...

Ha! When i first saw that photo, i thought, "hey-she looks just like Shelby!" Look at your cute little jack-o-lantern belly! So precious. And- I don't remember if I commented on that last post or not, but be assured of our prayers for you and your sweet Bidou. Remember St. Pio: pray, hope, and don't worry. (a tall order, I know. At the very least, pray and hope!) God is good. Despite the uncertainty, Liz, one thing is true: your sweet boy is blessed beyond measure to have you for his mommy. You will be a blessing to him, and he to you, in ways that your heart cannot anticipate or comprehend.

Lindsay said...

You look cute. Lucy has the most awesome costume EVER. Seriously, ever. You are the coolest mother ever for that. And, wow. Bubba went as Princess Leia??? Your family is so much fun.