Monday, November 1, 2010

Lesson Learned

You guys, I was *that* mom today. The one people shake their heads at and wonder what I think I'm doing.

We were at a store this morning stocking up on things to put in our Rainy Day Activity Box. We got construction paper, watercolors, glitter. I've bookmarked some cute holiday crafts that we can do and send to the Grandmas and hopefully keep the lion-in-a-cage pacing that Lucy does when we're not Doing Something to a minimum.

We went by the Halloween clearance stuff and I picked out some things for my student tonight, and Lucy saw one of those M&M characters personal fans and fell instantly in love. And at more than half off, I thought, "That is worth every penny for the ALL DAY distraction it is sure to bring." So we made our purchases and made our way to the grocery store for our Real Errand.

Blue M&M: the culprit

Lucy rode in a "beep beep"at the grocery store - you know, those little car carts - and was blowing her fan on everything and "making it windy!" and generally having a wonderful time of it.

Then I heard "Uh, oh... It's stuck, Mommy." I thought maybe it jammed or she put it in the steering wheel or something so I pulled over to help dislodge the new toy. But no. It wasn't so easy. She. Put. It. In. Her. HAIR.


And it was so tangled that I had to ask a store employee for a pair of scissors to CUT IT OUT. Talk about worst case scenario. The motherly employee was looking at me like, "Did you actually give a two-year-old this FAN to play with?" And, insult to injury and all that, Lucy has a brand new inch-long patch in smack in the middle of her beautiful hair. Totally sucktastic.

(and this is just the part that stands up)

Humble pie was on sale today.


Kate P said...

Ohmygoodness. I for one didn't know that could happen, either!

Jessica said...

She's still adorable. And I would have given her the fan, too. Is there a way to disable the fan part so she can still play with it? Or will she not be interested if there's no wind?

-R- said...

I really don't think you could have predicted that! Two year olds are so weird.

I think it looks cute and funny and will be a good story to torture her with when she has her own kids some day.

Um, my word verification is "mange."

Lisa said...

Oh, yes. We've all been there. I think they make those fans just to torture parents of small children. I hope her hair grows fast.

Elsha said...

Oh no! My mom bought my two year old a tinkerbell candy thing that has a piece that lights up and spins, and I CANNOT COUNT the number of times I have thanked my lucky stars that the piece that spins is ENCLOSED in plastic! Otherwise I'm sure I would have had this experience some time ago.

Annie said...

Oh no!I have to admit that when you posted the picture of the fan, I continued to wait on exactly what the amateurish mistake was. After all, my kids have those same little fans and really HAVE gotten hours of enjoyment out of them. They've run them into the ground, actually, to the point where I've had to toss them because of dead batteries. But that's when I realized: you have a girl. Girls have HAIR. Hair gets tangled. That never once occurred to me, she of the monthly family clippers line-up. Oh Liz. Sorry friend. I hope Lu (and you too) isn't too traumatized...