Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obligatory Fall Pumpkin-ness

We have three big pumpkins growing in our garden. We went to a pumpkin patch anyway and paid the obligatory entrance fee to let Lucy play in some dried corn and throw a fit about wanting to ride and then not wanting to ride in a "hay wagon" after having waited in a line of super rude MyChildrenAreTheOnlyPeopleWhoCountHere mothers. It's for the experience, you know.
The thrill of the experience.

Truth be told, though, Lucy had a great time running around and she picked out her very own pumpkin

and tried to put it in the wheelbarrow herself,

and she got to pick out a tiny little pumpkin-gourd for Bidou, and we got to visit with friends we don't see very often. So I suppose I should stop being so cynical and say that it was a fine day out.


L said...

Love the Lucy chilling on bench photo. I am so sad you are not Blathering this year! Keep blogging, yo!

Kate P said...

Those little hands! That nice big pumpkin! That does sound like a fun day.