Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mondays

LAZY. I've been lazy about everything lately.

We're still living around boxes. But things are MOSTLY in their right place. I mean, we have clothes and bed sheets and kitchen stuff and towels, and, you know, the necessities. But the artwork is all leaning against walls, and Lucy's room - well, I won't even go there. Her toys can stay in boxes forever as far as I'm concerned. Easy enough pick-up.

I haven't been writing anything. Mostly because I don't want to look at the most superlatively boring chronology of my laziness. We eat! We sleep! We do laundry! Sometimes we bathe! Who cares?! I need to find some sort of routine here. At the old house we could walk to coffee and to the library. Living here requires a little more planning for outings, and I just need to figure some things out. Like story time at our new library branch. Or something.

And I'm still pregnant, somehow. I think the baby's having a growth spurt the last couple of days. I'm starving and tired and then there's the other weird stuff. You know, like I've started getting these weird charlie-horses in my left middle abdominal muscle. Or the stretchy-ouchie-crampy feelings of the belly growing.

Lucy's been fun lately. I mean, now that she's sleeping through the night (mostly) and not viciously acting out at every single opportunity. (She's still so definitely Two, though, oh my goodness, she's Two. Pushing, testing, trying, pressing.) She's becoming so human saying things and thinking things that the Bubba and I didn't directly put in her head. Yesterday I asked if she'd like to paint her little pumpkin she said "Oh, Mom! That'd be GREAT!" Or today we were driving home and she saw some graffiti on a stop sign and she said "OH NO! What happened there?! We only color on paper. That's too bad."

The rain and wind have started in. Welcome, Seattle winter. And if "they" are to be believed, it's supposed to be a really wet one. For this week at least I've got some distraction. I've finally decided on a blankey pattern for Bidou, I have a pile of mending projects to do, and I have to finish up making our halloween costumes. And for the rest of it, well, that getting-out-of-the-house routine will evolve.

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