Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Photos: New Everything

All the new things we're enjoying:

Lucy got a new play rug for her new room. Just in case you were wondering, she LOVES it. She will talk over lunch for complete paragraphs about where the red truck made its deliveries today and whether the yellow sports car got to watch the football game at the stadium.

And so far we haven't had a bit of trouble with her going to sleep with toys in her bedroom. In the old house, I had to clear out her room before laying her down. I don't know if it's new routine or whatever, but I'll totally take it. My living space isn't cluttered with plastic primary colors, and my girl is not distracted. Win win.

Lucy's showing off the new pumpkins growing in our new garden. Oh, man, I love this garden. Onions and beans and pumpkins and yellow squashes and tomatoes and berries. It's awesome and I hope I don't screw it up with my brown thumb.

This is our new go-to walk spot. It's a couple blocks away and it's the view over the Golden Gardens bluffs. We may not have the canal close anymore, but we do have the sound! And we can still see sailboats and barges and birds and the mountains. It'll do.

Sailboat parking. Lucy kept asking "But what are those sailboats DOING, Mom?" she didn't like the explanation that they were parked there. Then once I told her they were having a meeting. She stopped asking.

Me and my girl enjoying a nice walk in the sun. I balanced the camera on a bench and put the timer on. I'd get Lucy to stand in the right spot and then I'd run like a mad pregnant lady to join the picture. I think I took about five out takes before I realized that there were men in a work truck eating lunch at the curb and making hysterical fun of me. That's when I decided that one of those five photos was just fine.


-R- said...

I have been considering getting a rug with streets on it! If Lucy loves it, I bet my son will too. Where did you get it (if you don't mind me asking)?

I love the view of the water. Gorgeous. I'm glad you guys are liking the new house.

My son asks me what things (cars, animals, etc.) are doing all the time. Usually I say, "I don't know. What do YOU think they're doing?" which he sometimes answers and sometimes gets annoyed by. Oh well!

april said...

We have that exact rug in my son's room, and I wish I could say that he likes it but I don't even think he notices that there are streets on it. He looks to be the same age as Lucy, but he's too busy putting Mr. Potatoheads together and dumping blocks all over my floor and leaving errant pieces of playdough under the table to get hard.

-R- -- Ikea.

Sigh. Cars. :)

Annie said...

Sounds like the new house is AWESOME! I love that the sailboats are having a meeting. Very good explanation, mom.

Kate P said...

Nice new digs you've got there! And I loved the sailboat meeting idea.