Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Things that have been (mildly) bumming me out lately:
  • I'm TIRED
  • We're looking to move and can't find *just* the right house. Frustrating.
  • It doesn't matter how much I get done in the day, there's always more laundry to fold or dishes in the sink or toys to pick up or papers to shred or beds to make or messes to mop up or children to bathe.
  • Every anecdote that I have to share has to do with bodily functions lately - they all seem to start with "When Lucy pooped the other day..." - and I should no longer be allowed be a member of grown-up society.
  • I can't wear any of my normal clothes anymore. Pants are too tight, shirts are too short. Welcome, maternity wear! I wouldn't have minded a couple more weeks of feeling athletic and skinny from my half marathons.
But! Let's not dwell!

Things that have been making me happy:
  • Lucy's new go-to catch phrase is "Oh, that's GREAT!" Said with great enthusiasm. She also loves the phrase "Comfy-cozy."
  • The morning sickness nausea has passed and I have no food aversions that I can think of. Mmmmmm food. I'm back to making dinner every night, which makes everyone happy.
  • Peach cobbler. People, I'm pretty sure the gods invented this dessert specifically to make me happy.
  • Every time Lucy sees my belly, she asks when Baby Sister is coming (she's TOTALLY convinced she's getting a sister)
  • I thought of awesome/funny/useful/perfect gifts to send to my Irish friend for her wedding. Don't you LOVE it when you put the pressure on yourself to find something perfect and then you DO? Win.
  • Lucy can write her name at 25 months. MENSA, baby!

  • I still run three times a week or so. My mileage has dropped from 25-30 miles per week to about 9-10, and my splits have dropped from 9min/mi to 11 or 12! Ha! It still feels good, though, so I've got that going for me.
  • I'm designing my Bubba a sweater for Christmas. I figure it's not too soon to start, factoring in screw-ups and rip-backs that are imminent.
Did I forget anything?


Carrie said...

I'm so glad the nasty morning sickness is doing better. And good job on the running!

-R- said...

I'm impressed Lucy understands the whole baby thing. B doesn't get it at all! He can't write his name either, but he is a few months behind Lucy, so I'll cut him some slack. =)

Lisa said...

Oh, congrats on the pregnancy! I've not been reading any blogs in the midst of all this surgery and healing, so I'm just catching up to life. It's so nice to know that Lucy will be a big sister soon!